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Time to catch up on some tidbits you may have missed (and also time to open a new thread for the JDLand commentariat).
* THE HARLOW: A public meeting last week to update residents on Capper/Carrollsburg's redevelopment status passed along the news that the building at 2nd and L across from Canal Park will be known as "The Harlow," which does roll off the tongue a bit more easily than the current "Square 769N Apartments." The building is expected to open in spring 2019, and will have 179 apartments, of which 36 will be affordable units. It will also have about 4,000 square feet of ground floor retail. The update also said that DCHA is still planning to move forward with Square 767 next, as a condo building and separate rental building. That plan still needs to start its way into the Zoning Fun Factory.
* SHOOTING ON 5TH: There was a shooting in front of the Capper Community Center at 5th and L in the wee hours of July 21. MPD described it this way: "At approximately 0320 hours unknown number of suspect(s) approached the victims that were in front of 1005 5th Street SE in dark colored vehicle. The suspect(s) opened fire on the victims wounding both of them. One victim was shot multiple times and transported to the hospital, the other victim was shot in the leg and transported to the hospital. The suspect(s) and suspect vehicle fled in an unknown direction. It is unsure how many individuals were in front of 1005 5th Street SE. Two weapons were recovered in front of the recreation center, also multiple shell casings found on the scene and there are rifles casings among the shell casings." Capitol Hill Corner summarized the subsequent MPD 1D community meeting.
* BRIDGE NEWS: If you're interested in the new Douglass Bridge, check out "Progress," the spiffy quarterly update. And you'll also see the spiffy Douglass Bridge logo.
* TUNNEL NEWS: If you're interested in the Virginia Avenue Tunnel (or, at this point, the Virginia Avenue Streetscape Restoration), the latest "Coffee with Chuck" slides give estimated timelines for when the remaining portions of the street should reopen to traffic. I'm most interested in seeing that the 2nd and H intersection should reopen in mid-August, which will make access to The Grocery Store That Shall Not Be Named much easier.
And last week's VAT newsletter added that H Street's completion will also "feature a train viewing area at the south tunnel portal where a historical marker of the original tunnel will be in place," which I inadvertently captured in the photo at right, which I took earlier this month to document the new lettering on the tunnel entrance. There will be the new dog park on the north side of H as well.
I think that's enough for now, except maybe to mention that the coming Bluestone Lane coffee shop has its signage up to the right of the 99 M lobby entrance. They apparently have a goal of opening by the end of August, but (all together now), We Shall See.
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JD says: (7/30/18 3:41 PM)
Can't even go three minutes between tidbits. This is making the rounds on Twitter: Amazon is hiring an economic development manager in Washington. Responsibilities include “supporting the site selection process.” link

jdc says: (7/30/18 3:46 PM)
I nominate JD (and JD Land). So, Peets v. Bluestone to see who opens first.

JD says: (7/30/18 3:52 PM)

NYP says: (7/30/18 4:11 PM)
Did anyone else see the vandalism on the northern sign at the edge of Canal Park? Someone spray painted "RACIST" along the sign.

snakegriffin says: (7/30/18 4:22 PM)
There was some vandalism on a handful of the local buildings (Justin's, Parc Riverside, 909) about 4 days ago. I was walking Justin's by when MPD was doing their reports and didn't see the actual wording as it was cleaned it up pretty quickly, so no idea if it's related.

snakegriffin says: (7/30/18 4:24 PM)
@jdc The Peets buildout went really quickly. They're installing furniture and doing trim now, so I'd imagine it's not far off. Haven't caught a glimpse inside the Bluestone Lane shop yet, though.

GarfieldPark says: (7/30/18 5:44 PM)
Saw a Stop Work notice on the window of Circa today. A date for something is scheduled for 8/14.

DCCyclist365 says: (7/30/18 7:37 PM)
Long time reader, first time poster here. I live in nearby Hill East and have been selfishly hoping Amazon would choose the RFK site, but excited for the potential new neighbors in Navy Yard as well. Excited for your site traffic graphic. Could you include the headlines for each column for additional context?

JD says: (7/30/18 8:37 PM)
@365, welcome. You and @202 can battle it out for DC cyclist supremacy. :-)

I would read almost nothing into that shot of my traffic. I've been watching that "Seattle" report for a few months now, and while it's fun to speculate, I would expect much more traffic from there to my site if there had been a big decision made. But I will keep watching.

(I do think they are coming to the DC area, though. DC proper? I dunno.)

RMP says: (7/31/18 8:20 AM)
Does anyone know what the deal is with Starbucks? Think it has anything to do with Peet's? That's always been IMO one of the worst Starbucks in the chain, but that was more from a customer service perspective. I'm not really sure what gutting it does other than make it feel fresh and new again.

jdc says: (7/31/18 8:59 AM)
Just so it's handy link

JD says: (7/31/18 9:04 AM)
That Starbucks is now 11 years old, so a refresh would not be out of the question.

conngs0 says: (7/31/18 10:07 AM)
Agree that the Starbucks is the worst in the chain that I've experienced (although I confess to be frequenting the chain less and less lately - trying to make my own coffee and I tend to go to Lot38 when I'm in the neighborhood and want to take a stroll).

Strange that no arrests have been made on the 5th Street shooting (or did I miss that?). At the public meeting, the police indicated that they had very strong leads. I hope they're just trying to build a strong case.

conngs0 says: (7/31/18 10:25 AM)
Also, regarding Square 767, I hope that the zoning commission strikes down the proposed plan. Given DCHA's (and their manager, Edgewood's) refusal to enforce their own rules for their facilities (just for example, see the 5th Street shooting) and DCHA's inability or unwillingness to properly maintain their facilities (see every public housing project, like Potomac Gardens, Greenleaf Gardens, etc.), I just can't wrap my head around how anyone could think it's a good idea to do separate buildings. And the financing argument rings hollow. But if the concept is going to go forward, I'm perplexed by the idea of having the two buildings share only a courtyard (and maybe the parking garage?) and nothing else. No common representation on a condo association (like the way DCHA is on the Capitol Quarter HOAs?

202_cyclist says: (7/31/18 12:19 PM)
JD-- Philadelphia is not going to be happy to hear the speculation about the Amazon Dos HQ.


DCCyclist365-- welcome to the site. Do you happen to post on Skyscraperpage? There is someone who lives around Hill East/Potomac Ave who occasionally posts there.

Also, it seems that the mullet building (i.e. the WASA headquarters) is rivaling the market that shall not be named for delays in opening.

stacycloyd says: (7/31/18 12:39 PM)
DCHA recently issued a solicitation for a Capper/Carrolsburg master planner for work including squares 739, 768, and 882: link
They also cancelled their parking lot management solicitation and will reissue it later: link

JD says: (7/31/18 1:09 PM)
Hmmm, Metro is looking for a building in DC that is within 1,500 feet of a handicap-accessible Metro station. link There's 25 M, on the Bullpen remnant site, that would certainly fit the bill.

Westnorth says: (7/31/18 3:57 PM)
Forest City agrees to acquisition by a Canadian property and power giant. link
I'd guess this doesn't change very much about the Yards management, since Brookfield does tend to keep its "operating platforms" separate. However, future parts of the Yards could end up with a different flavor, given that Brookfield has a huge downtown-office business (it could become Brookfield Place DC) and a substantial regional-mall business (Rouse and now GGP).

JES says: (7/31/18 4:23 PM)
@JD And if WMATA were to locate down here, they'd be closer to USDOT. Super easy access for federal overseers!

202_cyclist says: (7/31/18 4:43 PM)
@JES-- it would be pretty convenient to have WMATA, DDOT, and the US DOT in the same neighborhood. I would prefer that a public agency like this move to one of the outer metro stations to encourage development of some of the under-utilized land surrounding some of the stations in Virginia or Maryland, as well as spending less money on the purchase of land that could instead be used for much-needed capital improvements.

202_cyclist says: (7/31/18 4:44 PM)
@Westnorth-- that is exciting news about Forest City.

JD says: (7/31/18 4:48 PM)
@202, WMATA is looking for three buildings, one in each jurisdiction.

The Forest City stuff is interesting, though I am kind of waiting for someone to write the What This Means for Forest City Washington piece. (someone other than me!)

JD says: (7/31/18 11:13 PM)
It's August, it's DC, it's slow, so it's time once again for Charles Allen's Ward 6 Week, running from Aug. 6 to Aug. 11. See the full lineup of events here: link

RMP says: (8/2/18 10:14 AM)
I didn't realize Starbucks is 11 years old. I guess time flies when you're having fun. I was wondering about Schilling Canning Company this morning as I was walking my dog and found an Eater article from a month ago that says it's not happening until 2019. Also apparently Mission is "delighting" drinkers. link

snakegriffin says: (8/2/18 3:34 PM)
Went to Mission last weekend. Thought that the margarita I had was fantastic. But they have some serious service deficiencies (were out of many of their "signature" dishes at 5pm, and the complimentary chips and salsa usually come out before your entrees, not as dessert) and the ballpark-proximity prices (you're really charging me to refill a Diet Coke?) were enough to probably keep me from going back for a month or so until they get the kinks worked out.

Westnorth says: (8/2/18 5:50 PM)
My initial impression is that Brookfield is a more aggressive operator, even in the Washington market, and is better capitalized. However, a legal technicality (the "built in gain period" resulting from its REIT conversion) means that I suspect the acquisition will mean bigger changes will come to Ballston Quarter in the near term, since Brookfield has substantial regional mall experience.

FCE didn't have much office in Washington, which is odd since most of FCE's overall revenue was from office (primarily Brooklyn and Cambridge MA). Yards West's giant office compound always seemed like a tall order for FCE, but it's matter of course for Brookfield -- three of Manhattan West's individual phases are larger than Yards West.

Section314 says: (8/3/18 4:45 PM)
I went to the car wash today and it looks like the McDonald's building has started construction on phase II. It looked like there was a posting about a month ago on the automated feed that a building permit had been issued.

VelocityChris says: (8/3/18 5:09 PM)
The crane at Paradigm is scheduled to be installed tomorrow (Saturday). Our building received notice of disruption to 1st street tomorrow as part of assembling it.

malatesta says: (8/3/18 7:41 PM)
It also looked like the 71 Potomac site was getting ready for tower crane installation. Assuming that there aren't any crane dismantlings, that would bring the crane count to 14 (along with paradigm).

JD says: (8/4/18 12:07 PM)
A Twitter follower just passed along a photo of an ABRA notice in the window at 1015 Half St., SE, next to Bonchon for a new Retail Class A store selling beer, wine, and spirits. (The one that looked like it was coming to New Jersey and L has apparently fallen by the wayside.) link

caphillguy says: (8/5/18 8:58 AM)
14 tower cranes would be a new record right?

willinrm says: (8/6/18 8:46 AM)
I think its 15 cranes now, i just saw this guy walking around the neighborhood....



202_cyclist says: (8/6/18 10:30 AM)
@willinrm-- Jajajaja! 'Fraiser' was one of my favorite shows from the 1990s.

Westnorth says: (8/6/18 8:20 PM)
* clarifying on built-in gains and Ballston: the corporate entity of Forest City will have to remain for a few years, for tax purposes. Much of Ballston's ownership interest has already been sold to an outside investor, so its basis might be easier to transfer out sooner. FCW has its hands full with the Yards East buildout for now, anyways.

GarfieldPark says: (8/6/18 9:01 PM)
Barre 3 sign was revealed and is now visible on First St. Does anyone know what is planned for the space next to it?

GarfieldPark says: (8/7/18 8:52 PM)
Peet's had plenty of activity today. Plan is to open "early next week" according to a guy I bothered outside!

RMP says: (8/8/18 7:41 AM)
Just walked past the Bower sales office and there are stickers on all 3 of the Penthouse units. Sorry if anybody was on the fence about buying that last one! Based on the floorplans still on the website it looks like the building itself is about 50% sold.

202_cyclist says: (8/9/18 9:16 AM)

Who wants to crowd-fund this so we can take Anacostia booze cruises?


nsfw says: (8/9/18 2:56 PM)
@202_cyclist, Well, now we know you're not the guy that bought the last penthouse.

202_cyclist says: (8/9/18 4:02 PM)
How much did the last penthouse go for?

nsfw says: (8/9/18 4:59 PM)
I think they were in the $1.5M range.

RMP says: (8/9/18 6:23 PM)
According to the MLS listing that last penthouse was listed for $1,459,900.

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