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After years of lobbying to get Major League Baseball's All-Star Game, followed by years of promotion and preparation, the festivities are finally about to arrive.
And, to boot, there's Saturday's debut of Audi Field (outside of the JDLand coverage zone). This means that residents in both Near Southeast and Southwest are going to have tens of thousands of newcomers traipsing around to the various events.
In other words, even if you have no interest in baseball, or soccer, or futbol, if you live in these areas, you are going to feel some impacts.
The DC government has launched the spiffy web site with scads of information on all of the events, and included among the pages is this equally spiffy Community Information flyer, with the schedule of events starting tomorrow, July 12, through the big shindig on Tuesday, July 17. The flyer also has information on road closures, bus stop impacts, taxi/rideshare pickup zones, and more.
As for official MLB-related activities within the JDLand coverage zone:
* The free "PLAY BALL Park" launches at Spooky Park (Yards Parcel A) at 1st and M Streets SE on Friday, July 13, running every day from mid-morning through late evening (times vary) until Tuesday, July 17. To quote MLB, "PLAY BALL Park is a 56,000 square feet interactive area that MLB and its programming partners will provide fun, engaging, and educational activities for youth baseball and softball players and their families - all in the backdrop of the Midsummer Classic."
* On Saturday, July 14, bright and early at 8 am, the Color Run MLB All-Star 5K will start off by Nats Park and then run the Riverwalk circuit through the Yards Park, alongside THE Navy Yard, across the 11th Street local bridge, down into Anacostia Park, over to Poplar Point, and then back across the Douglass Bridge, finishing at 1st and M SE. Entries are still being accepted.
* Nats Park itself finally gets into the action on "All-Star Sunday," July 15, with the All-Star Futures Game and the Legends & Celebrity Softball Game. Gates open at the ballpark at 2 pm.
* Monday, July 16 brings not only the Home Run Derby at 8 pm, but the All-Star Workout Day. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, it's on ESPN at 8 pm. Or you can stand on N Street and see if a ball comes your way.
* Tuesday, July 17 is the day of all days, starting with the "All-Star Red Carpet Show" at the ballpark, and then the game itself at 7:30 pm.
But these aren't the only events. Here's some non-MLB-sanctioned events:
* Thursday's Summer Outdoor Movie is "A League of Their Own," at 9 pm at the Yards Park.
* Friday has two concerts, both starting at 7 pm: White Ford Bronco at the Bullpen at and the 19th Street Band at the Yards Park.
* The Yards is hosting the All-Star Summer Riverfest on Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm. Sayeth the web site: "The Yards Park will be transformed into a sandlot with games, activities, and entertainment."
* The inaugural DC United game at Audi Field is Saturday at 8 pm.
* Sunday brings another outdoor movie, this time "The Sandlot," at the Yards Park at 9 pm.
* And, throughout the entire time, there will be a dozen "larger-than-life baseball inflatables" installed at both Yards Park and Canal Park.
I will defer listing all of the food and drink specials, other than to mention that Mission and Walters Bar will both be operating on N Street. I would imagine most every restaurant and bar will be doing something special. And will be packed.
If you want to know about events at the Wharf, or the Fan Fest at the Convention Center, or other details outside the coverage zone, here's the Post's big roundup.
I am sure I will be tidbitting and retweeting throughout the next few days to try to keep up with items that are of particular interest to nearby residents, but will not be flooding the zone with full coverage. I'm guessing it won't be hard to find the latest!
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JD says: (7/11/18 1:00 PM)
In non-All-Star neighborhood news, I'm told that a large "kinetic sculpture" is being installed at New Jersey and H. It's 20 feet tall and moves with the wind, apparently.

And no, it doesn't have a sign flashing with the date of when Whole Foods will open.

202_cyclist says: (7/11/18 1:38 PM)
JD— that is very nice but one amenity the neighborhood needs is a public drinking fountain. I am not aware of one in the entire neighborhood and it seems to get a little warm in Washington during the summer, even with the cool Anacostia breezes. There is a public drinking fountain across South Capitol Street at Ryan Zimmerman Park.

202_cyclist says: (7/11/18 1:39 PM)
You opened yourself up with that one— so when is the Whole Food opening? Are we still on track for September 2026?

CJBabyDaddy says: (7/11/18 5:28 PM)
2026? Why are they rushing it?

202_cyclist says: (7/11/18 5:41 PM)
I have to say that the kinetic sculpture does look good.

VelocityChris says: (7/11/18 8:49 PM)
It also looks like they added some conduit in front of the "Yards" sign at 1st and M. I'm guessing they're installing lights to illuminate the sign?

JD says: (7/11/18 8:53 PM)
Chris, I would guess that has to do with the Play Ball Park.

jdc says: (7/12/18 8:42 AM)
Are there any live webcams in JDLand? Is that even a thing anymore? I would think with all of the tall-ish buildings that there would be numerous vantage points to check out developments in real time.

dude says: (7/12/18 10:07 AM)
I’m excited by all this except that I’m sure my traffic coming home on Monday night is going to be treacherous. I hope if/when the All Star game comes back around in 15-25 years that I’ll be able to afford tickets!

JD says: (7/12/18 10:08 AM)
Monday night *and* Tuesday night. Monday night is the Home Run Derby, Tuesday is the actual game.

ttassa says: (7/12/18 1:32 PM)
Anybody have a pic of the kinetic sculpture?

JD says: (7/12/18 1:58 PM)
How about video?


JD says: (7/12/18 2:10 PM)
Via Washingtonian, the team behind Daikaya will open a Ramen shop called Hatoba in the 100 Montaditos space on Tingey Street. And of course there will be an All-Star popup, with "Japanese hot dogs." It is expected to open in 2019. link

walt says: (7/12/18 2:22 PM)
Just curious how many people here are volunteering for the All-Star week activities?

202_cyclist says: (7/12/18 3:21 PM)
My wife said that the new kinetic sculpture kind of looks like a jellyfish. I agree.

anydee says: (7/12/18 3:39 PM)
I think your description of the 5K race is reversed... they have the race starting by South Cap/Potomac, going across into Anacostia, then winding around and ending over by the Play Ball park.


JD says: (7/12/18 4:01 PM)
Anydee, thanks, will fix. (and welcome!)

JES says: (7/12/18 4:05 PM)
Used to be a neighborhood hasn't "arrived" until it got a cell phone store. I think the new criteria is finally getting a ramen joint. So, yay, we've arrived!

RMP says: (7/12/18 6:59 PM)
Well Half Street doesn't look great but the renderings they're hanging up as we speak look pretty nice. There's a bunch of pallets of color run stuff sitting at NJ and N right now. I also think they installed this info kiosk today? Seems pretty handy. I hope they keep it around post ASG.

dude says: (7/12/18 9:46 PM)
JD, I’m not worried about the Tuesday commute because I work until 9. Life as a public servant!

202_cyclist says: (7/12/18 11:08 PM)
Dude— I’m not worried about the Tuesday commute because I bike to work. It is always pleasant biking.

NavyYardGuy says: (7/13/18 7:57 AM)
JD land Happy Hour during All star wknd?

JD says: (7/13/18 8:50 AM)
Nah, not when all the amateurs are in the neighborhood. :-)

Soon, though, I promise. Except that now it's summer and everyone's skipping town.

bdj says: (7/13/18 10:51 AM)
That Ramen bar announcement got me really excited yesterday. Great upgrade for the neighborhood from 100 Montaditos!

Also, like the signs and illuminating the yards sculpture they've added to the neighborhood. Funny they waited until the last possible moment before the All Star game.

JD says: (7/13/18 12:25 PM)
Here's a rundown from the Capitol Riverfront BID of All-Star festivities, including some bar/restaurant specials. It also says that Mission will open tomorrow (Saturday, July 14) at noon, presumably with its "preview menu." (FYI, there's a preview event there tonight, for those who may wander by and see activity.)

JES says: (7/13/18 2:35 PM)
Exit Open Road, enter El Bebe: link

JES says: (7/13/18 2:35 PM)
We're about to be swimming in tacos and tequila once this and Mission open to join Agua...

JD says: (7/13/18 4:51 PM)
A Chesapeake Bay crab-focused food truck is going to set up shop at the Yards Park Marina for one week, starting Sunday, says City Paper, perhaps as a prelude to an eventual location alongside the perhaps eventual location of the Living Classrooms Foundation: link

JD says: (7/13/18 6:12 PM)
MAP: 65 DC bars will stay open till 4 AM during All-Star Week, because everyone’s an all-star at 4 AM. Via Washingtonian: link

RMP says: (7/14/18 1:13 PM)
I just went over to the Hatoba "pop-in" to get myself a Japanese hot dog for lunch and the doors are locked and nobody home. It would have been nice to at least put a sign on the door with the hours...

dude says: (7/14/18 1:57 PM)
@202- sounds nice!

We were lucky enough to get some free tickets to Fanfest, so we’ll check that out tomorrow.

For fun I looked and the cheapest seats on Stubhub for the game are about $315... the same seats you can get for $5 for a Nats game. Wowzers!

JD says: (7/14/18 10:07 PM)
A big WashPost piece now up about the impact of Nats Park on the surrounding neighborhood. Some of the photos may look familiar: link
(And welcome to the new people wandering through thanks to the links. And apologies if the site is slow--it's not used to actually having a lot of people on it at once.)

Lambau88 says: (7/15/18 10:19 AM)
Great pictures in The Post! I was reading the article on my phone and thought, “They really need some JD Land photos in here.” Then, bam!

JD says: (7/15/18 10:21 AM)
Thanks. For newcomers who don't know, I work in the Post newsroom, which is why I am somewhat of ghost in that piece. Didn't know the photos would be quite such a centerpiece, and it's a shame that readers who aren't familiar won't really have any idea of the genesis of them.

dude says: (7/15/18 1:22 PM)
Cool article. For the record, my wife loves the Cornercopia sandwiches.

JD says: (7/16/18 9:07 AM)
Interesting piece in the Washington Monthly about Business Improvement Districts, with a big part of the focus on the Capitol Riverfront BID: link

RMP says: (7/16/18 9:33 AM)
Pretty quiet this morning when I walked my dog down Half Street. I thought they were pausing construction this week but I guess not? Lots of hammering and crane movement on Half Street. There are a bunch of people hanging out on the terrace at the Winery. I assume it's something official otherwise people just really like wine for breakfast?

walt says: (7/16/18 10:17 AM)
JD - fantastic montage of your photos on that Post piece.
I'm having a lot of fun with all of these visitors in the neighborhood. They're friendly and everyone just wants to enjoy themselves. Absolutely no bad apples so far!

JD says: (7/16/18 10:23 AM)
For those qui parle Francais, a Montreal columnist looks at the ballpark (since Montreal is hoping to do the same thing if they can get a team again). He had a nice chat with a blogger of French Canadian lineage: link

malatesta says: (7/16/18 10:24 AM)
@RMP: I believe the stop work order was just for public spaces (so no trucks or cranes on the streets), but interior work can continue.

walt says: (7/16/18 11:10 AM)
+1 for cornercopia sandwiches.

JD says: (7/16/18 11:48 AM)
If you're interested in the new Douglass Bridge, DDOT has sent out a survey that you might want to fill out: link

dbt says: (7/16/18 5:26 PM)
@RMP - The people on the terrace at District Winery this morning (including yours truly, for a time) were watching the Golic and Wingo Show, which was broadcasting live from there on ESPN Radio and ESPN2. Great views from that spot, and another nice national media plug for the neighborhood.

NavyYardNittany says: (7/16/18 11:46 PM)
Re Cornercopia, I didn’t realize that place was open for business...? It’s always closed. Anyone have an idea of hours they’re open? Thx

RMP says: (7/17/18 8:19 AM)
The Bower is now serving sponsored ads on Facebook that say "Named one of the worlds coolest neighborhoods by Forbes" though now it looks like Forbes is trying to distance themselves from the whole thing? link

dude says: (7/17/18 9:16 AM)
So thought we were cool, and now we aren’t, and I’m oh so sad about it.

bryan says: (7/17/18 9:58 AM)
Cornercopia's hours are 8am-7pm Monday through Friday. So closed on weekends.

GarfieldPark says: (7/17/18 12:51 PM)
Went to the Derby last night and Nats Park was rocking! The backdrop actually does look really cool with crane city IMO. Plus the return of the moon! West Half and 1250 Half looking good.

Shogungts says: (7/17/18 2:12 PM)
I didn't see this posted yet (maybe I missed it), but Urban Turf has an article up today with 'Unofficial Historian of the Ballpark District':


JD says: (7/17/18 2:15 PM)
(I fixed it for you, Shogun) I think it was just posted.

Shogungts says: (7/17/18 2:38 PM)
Thanks JD!

Shogungts says: (7/17/18 2:38 PM)
Thanks JD!

walt says: (7/17/18 3:38 PM)
Excellent article JD. Although why do they say "unofficial"? You're pretty official in these parts.

JD says: (7/17/18 3:44 PM)
I have not been anointed by the Lady of the Lake, I guess.

jdc says: (7/18/18 8:15 AM)
Wait, JD wasn't invited to throw out the first pitch?

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