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Some stories people have been waiting to hear about for a while:
* MOVIE THEATER MOVING FORWARD: WBJ reports that "D.C. Water, developer Forest City Washington and the District government have settled all outstanding business tied not only to the parcel needed for the long-planned 16-screen, 1,500-seat movie theater, but other sites surrounding it that are similarly planned as part of The Yards."
Forest City should receive the movie theater land in late spring, apparently, with the other residential-planned parcels to come probably over the next five years.

* LERNER BUYS 49 L: The General Services Administration announced this morning that the sale closed on Feb.22 for the one-story brick warehouse on the southeast corner of Half and L, SE.
Property records show that "Half Street Partners, LLC" paid $31 million for the site. And that LLC happens to have a mailing address of 2000 Tower Oaks Blvd., Eighth Floor, which happens to be the address of Lerner Enterprises.
No word yet on the plans for the site, which is (sort of) across the street from Lerner's 20 M office building, and also creates a sort-of Lerner-owned triangle with...

* 1000 SOUTH CAPITOL MOVING FORWARD: Lerner officially announced this week its plans to build the 250-unit 13-story residential building at South Capitol and K that has been working its way through the design and zoning process for the past few years. Designed by Shalom Baranes Associates, it will also have 10,000 square feet of retail along with the lineup of amenities befitting a new "luxury" building--fitness center with Pelotons, private dining room with demonstration kitchen, rooftop pool and entertainment center, and pet spa and bicycle repair offerings for residents. It is expected to get underway late in 2018.
UPDATE: And now we have one more piece of neighborhood news from WBJ today, which is that it has finally been officially announced that the new hotel at 3rd and Tingey in the Yards will be a Thompson boutique hotel.
(Though it must be noted that the WBJ story doesn't seem to quite realize that the hotel is already under construction, in a joint digging-and-building project with Forest City's next residential building, on Parcel L.)
The hotel will have 225 rooms, and the residential building will have about 270 units, and combined the two will have about 24,000 square feet of retail.
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greb22 says: (3/1/18 3:39 PM)
Is Lerner building going in the parking lot across from where the second phase of one hill south with be?

JES says: (3/1/18 3:55 PM)
And this bit. Navy Yard news dump thursday I guess, lol: link

JD says: (3/1/18 3:58 PM)
Argh, though we knew that it was going to be a hotel there, just not the operator.

@greb2, yes, next to the building where Bonchon is.

RMP says: (3/1/18 6:24 PM)
Huh. Meredith F. told me over a year ago that Thompson was going to be the operator of that hotel, so I assumed that was public knowledge.

JD says: (3/1/18 8:06 PM)
Also, on the Paradigm/Square 696/surface lot site, it looks like they have had to resubmit their excavation permit application. Might still be a little while before that gets started.

Andrew in DC says: (3/1/18 10:26 PM)
I missed the Welcome Back post, so I'll express my happiness at your recovery and return here. Hooray! :)

Westnorth says: (3/2/18 11:25 PM)
Hooray! Movie theater is back in motion, and so's JD!!!

dude says: (3/4/18 10:17 AM)
Ugh. Obligatory grumpy old man that dislikes the riffraff that the movie theater will likely bring post.

willinrm says: (3/5/18 8:17 AM)
should we be concerned at all with the limited parking in our neighborhood? I went to view the bowser units and they said only certain units would allow for the purchase of 1 parking spot because they were very limited. If this goes for all new buildings going up and zone 6 is already massive... is there any recourse? A zone 6a?

jdc says: (3/5/18 8:45 AM)
1015 will be hemmed in on all sides by construction.

202_cyclist says: (3/5/18 12:41 PM)
There was sheeting and shoring activity, which must be one of the worst jobs if you're hung-over, for the parcel across the street from Justin's this morning.

conngs0 says: (3/5/18 1:30 PM)
willinrm, yes, I think that parking should definitely be a concern. I'm not sure if the residents of the buildings coming in will be eligible for Zone 6 parking stickers. If not (the buildings should have provided more parking), that'll certainly be helpful. But we've already gotten to the point where parking can be challenging during weekdays (folks abusing he guest pass system by selling theirs to DOT employees) and periods during the weekend when there's a Nats game and/or something taking place at Yards Park. I'm not complaining because I like living in a neighborhood that will turn out to be more of a destination. But difficulty finding a parking spot is definitely going to increase over time.

JD says: (3/5/18 1:32 PM)
No residents of large apt buildings get residential parking permit stickers.

Ampersand says: (3/5/18 2:13 PM)
For what it's worth, I think the main visitor permit violators are actually city employees, not the feds. I've seen a lot of people park on the neighborhood streets and walk into the building at 200 I, north of Canal Park. I have a lot of opinions about parking in the neighborhood that are too much to get into here, especially when I came to talk about something completely different:

Did anyone know that Slipstream does "Movie Mondays"? This was news to me, so I apologize if someone (JD or others) mentioned this previously. From their website: "Movie Mondays at Sipstream Navy Yard include free popcorn, happy hour specials all night, half off wine bottles and a great movie! Movie plays at 4 and 6pm, come enjoy!"

A list of movies is at this page: link

conngs0 says: (3/5/18 2:16 PM)
That was my recollection as well, but I couldn't remember for sure. Thanks for the clarification!

The other helpful aspect of the neighborhood's parking scheme is that there aren't any days when Nats fans can park on the street without risk of getting towed. Nevertheless, while enforcement efforts and maybe even an extra parking garage like the ones you see up in Bethesda might prove helpful, but at the end of the day I think it's just the price you pay for living in a neighborhood that people like to visit!

RMP says: (3/5/18 2:43 PM)
What exactly should we be concerned about re: parking? I'm pretty sure about 75% of the Bower units come with the option to buy at least one space. Some come with the option to buy 2. I imagine that the ones without the option could be attractive to someone without a car (since they're the studios and smallest/cheapest 1brs anyway). I figure it will all balance out.

willinrm says: (3/5/18 3:37 PM)
well that greatly eases my concern, i was unaware that apartment complexes did not receive zoning passes, i couldn't find anything like that on the residential parking website it just stated " DC DMV will issue a residential parking permit (RPP) to allow any DC DMV-registered private vehicle, or vehicle with reciprocity to be parked without restriction in the permit area of the vehicle’s registered address."

I didn't mean to call out Bower @RMP, it was just an example, there are plenty of other large buildings going up as well the aggregate was the concern, with such few parking spots for our area that aren't meter.

Thanks again for the info everyone; always a wealth of knowledge here.

spiritequality says: (3/5/18 4:15 PM)
Thanks JD for bringing the news about the movie theater! I’m a movie fanatic and have been looking forward to this!

JD says: (3/5/18 4:16 PM)
Also, in reference to the "riffraff" fears about the theater, this is supposed to be a luxury experience with ticket prices to match. Can't dig through my archives right now, but there was much discussion of this when the theater first was talked about.

nsfw says: (3/5/18 5:52 PM)
I can confirm that not all Bower condos come with an option for a parking spot. I think none of the studios, and only a few of the one bedrooms are eligible. I don't know what you need to spend to get two spots, but I bet that would be a tandem type spot.

dude says: (3/6/18 8:21 AM)
Thanks JD. I do recall those discussions, but on this I'm firmly on the "I'll believe when I see it" side of things.

When we lived at 70 I back in the 2009-2011ish timeframe we certainly weren't eligible for zoned parking stickers (and paid for a tandem spot underneath.)

RMP says: (3/6/18 9:11 AM)
Speaking of the Bower, I walked past the sales office this morning with my dog noticed this morning that a second Penthouse had been sold. Only 1 left for whoever wants it!

walt says: (3/6/18 10:24 AM)
I'm so confused about the parking comments I hear routinely (not necessarily here because most here are just curious for informational purposes...not complaining).

1. Why does anyone who lives in an urban setting think they should be able to park on the street for free?
2. why does anyone who lives or visits an urban setting think there should be parking available any time they want it?
3. Why aren't there any parking lots/garages in this entire area open 24 hours? If I have an overnight guest, they HAVE to park on the street, even if they're willing to pay $20 to park in a garage. Because the only garage around is closed nights and weekends. What's up with that?

RMP says: (3/6/18 11:44 AM)
Aren't lots H, I and Q all open 24 hours? I have definitely parked a rental car in Q over night several times. I know L used to be 24 hours as well before work started.

walt says: (3/6/18 3:42 PM)
@RMP, I thought they were just deserted at night. No idea that you could actually (legally) park there overnight. Thanks...will check it out.

walt says: (3/6/18 3:43 PM)
So if all the parties have "legally settled all business ties" to these lots, what does this mean for Amazon potentially taking those lots?

jdc says: (3/7/18 8:45 AM)
I don't think Amazon is coming to JD Land. I don't think there is nearly enough land left, and DC's proposal really had to get creative to make it all fit.

I am SO excited for the theater. I definitely can see taking a half day once and awhile and walking to the theater to see a movie that I'd otherwise not be able to see.

Finally, as much as all of this city life sounds fun, I'll take my house in the inner burbs with a garage and a driveway lol.

G Street says: (3/7/18 3:46 PM)

CJBabyDaddy says: (3/7/18 7:28 PM)
Re: Bower parking — THe 3 Penthouse purchasers and purchasers of 2BR units above a designated square footage are offered a priority opportunity to purchase up to 2 spots. If 2, they must be piggybacked. After that, the remaining 2BR units are offered an opportunity to purchase parking. After all the 2BR purchasers have exercised their priority option, there will be a lottery among interested purchasers of 1BR/Studio units (and 2BR) for chances to buy remaining parking spaces.

I’ll be throwing a party in Space 67 when the Bower opens. You’re all invited!

nsfw says: (3/8/18 7:08 AM)
CJBabyDaddy - sweet corner spot. 68 was one of my top choices. We were almost neighbors.

revitalizer says: (3/8/18 8:02 AM)

The JDLand/Buzzard Point proposal includes twice as much square footage (16 msf) than what Amazon requested (8 msf). That doesn’t translate into JDLand not having enough space left to accommodate the company.

The proposal for NoMa also includes more square footage than Amazon requested.

jdc says: (3/8/18 8:44 AM)
@revitalizer - yes, but what I was going for was that the parcels for JD Land are split - SE, SW, and then across the river. As close as those parcels seem on paper, they're pretty far on foot.


JD says: (3/8/18 9:23 AM)
Tower crane coming to the Garrett this weekend.

revitalizer says: (3/8/18 9:38 AM)

Ok. I get where you are coming from. They could (and should) eliminate the entirety of the parcels east of the Anacostia from the proposal and some of the parcels in SW that are farthest away and that area still would have enough space for Amazon’s requirements. Also, there are parcels of land that are close to the Navy Yard metro that werent’t part of the proposal that could be used for Amazon.

202_cyclist says: (3/8/18 11:56 AM)
@jdc -- my snark detector wasn't working. Were you joking about a house in the suburbs with a curb-cut, driveway and garage?

@JD-- unfortunately, I will be away this weekend and won't have an opportunity to welcome the newest tower crane to the neighborhood. I saw that they were doing a big concrete pour at that site earlier this week.

jdc says: (3/8/18 2:36 PM)
They're doing soil boring testing inside the old auto repair shop on First Street. Also, I feel bad for the kids at the charter school that have endless pounding to listen to all day and then the smoke wafting over from that pile driving machine.

RMP says: (3/8/18 7:15 PM)
Capitol Riverfront newsletter has a blurb about the neighborhood's first dentist.

walt says: (3/9/18 11:28 AM)
@jdc & @revitalizer

Those parcels are very close by bike or by scooter.

I'm still holding out hope!

Ampersand says: (3/9/18 4:38 PM)
Mason Dixie biscuits coming to Ice Cream Jubilee!! link

If you've never been to their other random locations, I recommend stopping by. But then, as an avowed biscuit lover, I might not be the best person to consult.

snakegriffin says: (3/9/18 7:02 PM)
@Ampersand I found Mason Dixie is pretty overrated in the biscuit department. Perhaps the ice cream will make their product a bit less dry, but I gave the Bladensburg Road location several tries and the presentation was great but that’s not what counts when it comes to chicken and biscuits. Especially for someone accustomed to good southern food.

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