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There's no good "art" to go with any of these tidbits, so instead I present to you the northwest corner of Half and N, SE, taken May 4, 2003, which now looks like this and will someday look like this.
* HAMBURGLARY: Fresh on the news of its pending demise, the McDonald's at South Capitol and I was robbed early Saturday morning, with the three suspects jumping through the drive-through window to get to the cash. And here's MPD's Persons of Interest video. (WaPo, MPD)
* CSX DERAILMENT: The derailment in Northeast of a CSX train carrying hazardous materials has reignited {sorry} the concerns over both the city's need to boost its oversight of freight rail and the movement of hazmat through the Virginia Avenue Tunnel. (WaPo, plus a City Paper piece as well)
* TENANT NEWS: "Global public strategy firm" Mercury Public Affairs, LLC has signed a lease for the 8,020 square feet of office space in the upper levels of the Boilermaker Shops at the Yards, and will move in this summer. As for other Yards tenants, I hear that Whaley's could be opening Any Minute Now, with Philz not far behind. (Elsewhere, the Brig is probably still a couple of weeks away.)
* THE VERY MODEL OF A MINOR MODIFICATION: Forest City is back to the Zoning Commission with some changes to the design of the planned Showplace Icon movie theater. But you might need a microscope to spot the difference between old vs new on the exterior renderings. (And it's technically not a "minor modification," but I was feeling all Gilbert and Sullivan this morning.)
* BEHIND THE CURTAIN: DCist profiles a crazy blogger who has spent years taking photos of construction sites. I mean, honestly! Get a life!
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202_cyclist says: (5/3/16 11:50 AM)
Thanks for the updates. I don't want to upstage any breaking news but the new brick sidewalks next to Canal Park look nice.

JES says: (5/3/16 12:19 PM)
I care a lot less about what that movie theater looks like and a lot more about when the damn thing will actually start construction...

GoNavy says: (5/3/16 12:34 PM)
The floating docks along the waterfront are coming along nicely too! Workers out there building them yesterday afternoon. Looks like at least 3 or so. Anyone know what the plan is there? Kayaks and paddleboards?

JD says: (5/3/16 12:36 PM)
Quoting myself:

"There will be approximately 50 slips, half of which will be "designated for short-term transient use" (i.e., less than 10 days), and the other half will be for long-term use on a seasonal contract basis. As for sizes, Forest City says that most slips will be able to handle boats up to 60 feet long, but that "there will also be limited dockage for boats up to 125 feet in length." Slips will have electrical outlets and water supply hookups."


NavyYardGuy says: (5/3/16 12:43 PM)
Per the WP GOG (Going out Guide):

The Brig, May 13

It's been a long time coming for the Brig, a German-style beer garden announced in the fall of 2010. But partner Mark Brody says the Barracks Row bar, at the corner of Eighth and L streets SE, should open the weekend of May 13, pending final inspections. Expect a number of German beers on the bar's 40 taps, plus some local options, and long, umbrella-shaded tables on a paved patio.

JD says: (5/3/16 12:45 PM)
I think anyone committing to an exact date that is more than 48 hours away is brave. (and that goes for any opening, not just the Brig)

NavyYardGuy says: (5/3/16 12:47 PM)
Agreed @ JD.

GoNavy says: (5/3/16 12:49 PM)
@NavyYardGuy I'll believe it when I see it!

Westnorth says: (5/3/16 2:14 PM)
OMG, Friday the 13th will be yuuuuge. A barista at Philz told me on Saturday that they were doing staff training last weekend, and will be open for a soft-open with FREE COFFEE at lunchtime on Friday, followed by a grand opening on Saturday, 14 May.

RMP says: (5/3/16 2:25 PM)
I peaked in Philz a few days ago and saw a bunch of people sitting in a circle next to a board with "Coffee 101" written on it. I assumed that was new staff training.

walt says: (5/3/16 10:05 PM)
“I am at heart not someone who gets hepped up by these types of arguments,” JD said in Deist. link

JD, you seemed to be getting rather hepped with the name of this neighborhood today on Twitter. Call me crazy, but I'd rather the name of my neighborhood have some association with the major landmarks that are in it (Navy Yard, Yards Park, Navy Yard Metro, etc) than with a direction on a map (Near Southeast, pfft). Even the businesses and residential buildings are naming themselves with Navy-themed names (BlueJacket, Arsenal, Foundry, Boilermaker shops, Insignia, etc). There is only one directionally-themed retail establishment here, and it refers to a different kind of South (Due South). Give it up, JD. "Near Southeast" is a place on a map, but is not a neighborhood name. I'll stand with you on just about anything, but not this!

JD says: (5/3/16 10:08 PM)


JD says: (5/3/16 10:18 PM)
(Translated: No one should ever think that *I* think I have an ounce of sway on this topic.)

Jaybird says: (5/4/16 4:50 AM)
83,000 photos and over 3,000 posts across more than a dozen years of coverage.

In my book, she gets to call it what she wants to...

JD says: (5/4/16 11:41 AM)
Just as a little illustration that I obviously don't care about being a click whore because then I'd do stuff like this, here's Hill Now writing about last night's tweetstorm, and taking a poll.


202_cyclist says: (5/4/16 11:59 AM)
Are there any residents of 100 or 70 I Street here who can explain why almost daily (some times several times per day) there are fire trucks outside of those two buildings? Is there a serial alarm puller? Someone who doesn't know how to make popcorn? As discussed the other day, it is already difficult enough to navigate I Street (especially for bicyclists) with all of the construction vehicles and vehicles entering/exiting McDonald's.

walt says: (5/4/16 1:02 PM)
@Jaybird, no doubt JD has done quite a lot to document the changes in the neighborhood. Maybe we should call it JDLand. oh, wait. ;0

@JD, thanks for the link. I'm going to vote right now!

Jaybird says: (5/4/16 3:57 PM)
Tom Sherwood said:


It's idiotic if they do. And certainly dumb for any news organization to do so.

End Quote:

If that is idiotic, what do we call it when Tom and his fellow reporters say - "reporting from Northwest/Northeast/Southeast/Southwest D.C..."

MJM says: (5/4/16 4:16 PM)
We don't live in the Navy Yard. Southwest is Southwest for those who live there. So Near-SE makes sense but it's not catchy enough. NOTR north of the river. SOTF south of the freeway. NOM north of M. SOM South of M for the other half.
Really who cares. Have to explain to people live near Nats Park Navy Yard etc.

JNB says: (5/4/16 9:44 PM)
Its not the ballpark district or the Navy Yard. Both small segments of the actual neighborhood. It is the Capitol Riverfront. It may not be what people want to hear but it encompasses all aspects of the neighborhood. It did not roll of the tongue at first but it has grown on me.

CHTexpat says: (5/4/16 9:54 PM)
It's Navy Yard based on what people like and how they voted re: Metro. The ad folks like Cap Riverfront though and keep flogging that even though nobody knows where that is and could easily be confused with the Waterfront, National Harbor, or Washington Harbor...

Shogungts says: (5/4/16 10:59 PM)
"It did not roll of the tongue at first but it has grown on me."

Perhaps CapRiver or CapRiv :)

SWag says: (5/5/16 9:15 AM)
Wasn't there already a poll that pretty much said the neighborhood unanimously felt it was called "Navy Yard"...

JES says: (5/5/16 12:31 PM)
If you follow the anti Navy Yard name stance to its logical end, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. People who say they live "in Dupont Circle" don't literally live IN the circle. Plenty of people also say they live "on H Street" or "on U Street" without having literal H or U Street addresses. It's totally fine to pick a landmark, street, circle, whatever and name a neighborhood after it.

JES says: (5/5/16 12:32 PM)
But, if enough people actually do find it confusing, why don't we get Forest City and the BID together and just name the whole neighborhood The Yards? There's nothing inherently wrong with Capitol Riverfront, but it's had several years to catch on and it just isn't.

Gamble Rogers says: (5/8/16 11:49 AM)
To jump in late here: take a walk down Eighth Street and read the historical markers installed by NPS and various Capitol Hill organizations. You'll quickly notice that many of the historic photos refer to the neighborhood south of the Southeast Freeway as "the neighborhood known as the Navy Yard."

There's almost 200 years of precedent with Navy Yard. The BID is great, but NearSE/CapRF/FroYoPark/YardBuhdLandia" ain't gonna work.

"Where do you live?" asks anyone living in the D.C. area.

"Down by the Navy Yard," replies anyone living near the Navy Yard.

Instant recognition!

Gamble Rogers says: (5/8/16 11:54 AM)
And to back JES: even if you replied, "Navy Yard," no one ever says:

"But wait: you live IN the Navy Yard? But you're a civilian? I don't understand. How do you live IN the Navy Yard? Do you have an ID? Do you know the Commandant? Are you part of an elite, top-secret SEAL cell formed to protect Ice Cream Jubilee from chemical attack? HELP ME UNDERSTAND!"

JD says: (5/8/16 12:35 PM)
But Gamble, you've changed the argument. The discussion is about how people say they live "in Navy Yard." I have absolutely no problem with people saying they live "near the Navy Yard," or "by the Navy Yard."

I live on Capitol Hill--the topographic entity. I don't live in Capitol Hill.

I don't like "I live in Eastern Market" any more than "I live in Navy Yard." *NEAR*, people, NEAR! It's a landmark you are referring to, not the neighborhood's name.

So, please, everyone, go with God and say that you live near the Navy Yard.

As for your snarky follow-up comment, I'd be thrilled to point you to umpteen media stories over the years that reference things like Bluejacket opening in the Navy Yard, or VIDA Fitness coming to the Navy Yard. Unless they are behind the walls, they aren't coming to THE Navy Yard. But that formulation gets used all of the time, because people fail to grasp that there's an actual functioning entity known as the Navy Yard.

And yet there's a Dunkin Donuts in the Navy Yard--what if another one opens in the neighborhood, will there be a Dunkin Donuts in the Navy Yard and another in Navy Yard That Geez, Of Course I'm Talking About Outside the Navy Yard Why Would I Ever Talk About One Inside the Navy Yard?

Gamble Rogers says: (5/8/16 10:47 PM)
"So, please, everyone, go with God and say that you live near the Navy Yard."

This we can do!

Or we can say we live "in the Navy Yard neighborhood." How 'bout it?

JD says: (5/9/16 8:51 AM)
Yes, though the subtlety of "the Navy Yard neighborhood" meaning that it is "the neighborhood around the Washington Navy Yard" as opposed to "the neighborhood named Navy Yard" might be slicing and dicing a bit too closely.

conngs0 says: (5/9/16 9:05 AM)
I believe this ship has sailed.

SWag says: (5/9/16 5:06 PM)
How can the ship have sailed if people are still unclear on what to call the n'hood?!?! I like "Navy Yard". If you care enough about the distinction, ask. But I don't live in the neighborhood, so not sure my opinion matters?!?

BLT says: (5/9/16 8:02 PM)
I will continue to call my neighborhood Navy Yard. I will also continue to say I live in Navy Yard. People who live in Logan don't all live in the confines of the circle, do they? There's my 2 cents...worth nothing.

conngs0 says: (5/10/16 9:19 AM)
SWag, I really just couldn't resist the opportunity to use a bad pun. But in all honesty, are there that many people who are still genuinely confused about the difference between the Washington Navy Yard and the Navy Yard neighborhood? Whenever I try to refer to the neighborhood as anything else, folks start to get it confused with the SW Waterfront (and that's before the construction over there is even close to complete!).

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