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(First off, don't forget Monday night's Near Southeast/Southwest Mayoral Forum!)
It seems like the city has been in campaign mode for about 15 months, but we are now down to the final four weeks before the Nov. 4 general election. Which also means that it's the final four weeks before the elections for Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D.
Near Southeast is covered by two Single Member Districts--6D07 and the South Capitol-spanning 6D02--and so for the third time since I started blogging I sent out questionnaires to the candidates to try to better gauge their positions, their opinions, and their interests.
Meredith Fascett, Josh Hart, and TD Stanger are the three candidates running for the 6D07 seat being vacated by David Garber, while incumbent 6D02 commissioner Stacy Cloyd is running unopposed. All four were generous enough to reply to my multiude of questions.
While we know that I generally frown on political fisticuffs in the comments threads, feel free to mix it up in this one about your preferred (or unpreferred) candidate. Keep it civil and away from personal attacks, though.
If you are new to this whole ANC thing, here's a good explainer from, go figure, (That's also where I pilfered the above clip art from. Couldn't resist.) The short version is that ANCs "ensure input from an advisory board that is made up of the residents of the neighborhoods that are directly affected by government action. The ANCs are the body of government with the closest official ties to the people in a neighborhood."
Also, note that the deadline to register or update one's information for the Nov 4 election is mere minutes away, on Oct 6. You can do it online at
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RDS554 says: (10/5/14 9:37 PM)
We have an embarrassment of riches with the three candidates who have agreed to step up and serve all of us. I have known Stanger since we moved here a few years ago but (sorry Stanger) I was not committing my vote until I had heard all of the candidates. Well, I did and Stanger won my vote. There were two very specific reasons I reached this conclusion.

1. Stanger’s long record of engagement in the community and the depth of his connections to all the residents, particularly our former Capper Carrollsburg neighbors. He has walked the walk in that regard.

2. DCHA’s proposal to build stand alone public housing units separate from the market rate properties between I and L Street, west of 3rd ST is a fundamental violation of the deal we in Capitol Quarters signed up for. We want to be in a mixed income community but DCHA wants to change the zoning and change the very character of the community. Stanger is leading the fight to hold DCHA to their end of the bargain. I was very disappointed by Meredith’s position that “it’s a done deal anyway.” It is not a done deal and our ANC commissioners have been critical in holding DCHA accountable and exposing their lack of transparency; and Stanger has been one of the voices who brought DCHA’s behavior to the ANC and Council’s attention, This is too important an issue to shrug off.

I will cast my vote for Stanger but wish all our candidates the best and thank them deeply for their willingness to serve.

conngs0 says: (10/5/14 10:31 PM)
RDS554: Thanks for sharing your opinions on the election. I'm still undecided, but I just wanted to echo your emphasis on the DCHA proposal to build stand-alone public housing units between I and L Streets. It's a shamefully short-sighted proposal and, in my view, is the most critical issue facing the community at the moment. The DCHA proposal clearly is not in the best interest of any of the constituencies that DCHA is supposed to be serving, and I would not be able to support any candidate who is not committed to fighting the project until it actually is a "done deal".

+Action says: (10/6/14 10:11 AM)
JD, thank you once again for continuing to add value to the community through this information and forum. You exemplify putting a great deal of effort into making this community a better place by giving us pride of history, knowledge of today and inspiration for the future.

I have a simple measure for who gets my vote. That measure is: "What positive results have you achieved that benefit the community?" Just living in the neighborhood is not enough. Just attending meetings is not enough. Just complaining about problems and people and institutions is not enough. Just having had prior ANC experience is not enough.

It is clear from the 3 ANC6D 07 candidates' questionnaire answers, the only one that has actually turned words into action and positive results is Meredith Fascett. I have to believe that since these answers are in their own words, the full extent to which they have added value to the community has been communicated. This information and my knowledge of the individuals support this conclusion. Meredith has put real effort into the reopening of Van Ness, with real, positive results. Meredith has put time into lobbying for jobs in the neighborhood with real, positive results. Meredith is always willing to volunteer her time in the community and shows up to help, with real positive results. I am interested in results not just talk.

The clincher was Meredith's answer to what she calls this community. The other candidates had lots of words, labels, silly NYC style acronyms. Meredith had one simple, expressive word:- HOME. And that is exactly the way Meredith operates. Like it is her home. Meredith gets my vote.

Packinblackandred says: (10/6/14 1:11 PM)
@RDS554 and conngs0: Where have you read about the public housing proposal? I wasn't able to find it on DCHA's website and wasn't sure where else it might be.

conngs0 says: (10/6/14 1:46 PM)
Packinblackandred: I'm sure the proposal can be found via several sources, but there's rarely a need to go beyond the trove of information offered by Ms. JD!


What I don't know is the current status of this proposal.

P.S. I'm probably ridiculously late to notice, but I love the new map on the website! Nicely done.

JD says: (10/6/14 1:52 PM)
On the Square 767 stuff, there's been no official movement--there's supposedly going to be some "community engagement," I think, but haven't heard officially.

And @conngs0, you are not ridiculously late--in fact, you win the prize for being the first person to notice! (I haven't posted about it yet.) I dipped into the new Google Maps Engine Lite last week, and found that it finally did what I needed it to, and I could at last ditch the map I've been wanting to get rid of for about eight years. Glad you like it!

For confused folks, this is what we're talking about:

(You get to it by clicking the View Full Map box at the top right of the map at the top right of most pages of the site, or the "Project Directory" link in the black menu bar.)

ValveetaChz says: (10/8/14 12:01 PM)
I am not going to vote for someone who just recently decided to get involved in the community. I am not going to vote for someone who claims to want to build "community" but excludes some from certain issues just because they don't have kids. I am not going to vote for someone who thinks square 767 is a foregone issue because it sure as hell is not.

20003SE says: (10/9/14 3:31 PM)
I cannot support a candidate in this neighborhood who advocates for segregated housing. The segregated housing approach that Ms. Fascett advocated for at the September 13 ANC 6D07 candidates' debate can be found in the minutes of DCHA's December 2013 Board of Commissioner's meeting. Here is the link: link
Notably, our current ANC 6D commissioners voted unanimously last summer to oppose the segregated building approach. I am voting for TD Stanger, the candidate who stands firmly opposed to the segregated buildings.

jg says: (10/10/14 9:16 AM)
@ 20003SE - your link doesn't reference the minutes, just the resolution. Can you provide the right one? This is an important issue, and saying that one of the candidates "advocates" for segregated housing is a pretty strong charge, which I'd like to understand better. Thank you.

20003SE says: (10/11/14 11:49 AM)
@jg - This is perhaps the singular most important issue in this ANC election. The link provided was to the the DCHA resolution passed by its board at the December 2013 meeting. Ms. Fascett spoke in support of the segregated buildings approach at the September ANC candidates debate. Everyone attending the debate as well as those listening to the internet simulcast heard Ms. Fascett support that approach despite that our ANC commissioners have already unanimously rejected that approach. That proposal, if allowed to move forward, has huge negative implications for future mixed income development in all neighborhoods of ANC 6D. TD Stanger has already testified several times against that proposal and as Commissioner will continue to firmly oppose that approach.

jg says: (10/11/14 4:58 PM)
@20003SE - thanks for the clarification. I read your initial comment as stating the link was for the minutes, not the resolution.

SEawesome says: (10/15/14 10:35 AM)
I'm a little late to the party here, but I would be remiss not to add my observations. In Meredith Fascett, I have seen a tireless advocate for our neighborhood as a whole. She has single handedly advanced the momentum of Van Ness' Elementary School, by researching, recruiting, and advocating for the strongest elementary school possible. Were it not for her, our community of learners would not be the organized force that DCPS faces today. She has also brought our community together with her organization of a basketball league that will transition nicely to the new Community Center currently being built. She has attended numerous public forums to advocate for our neighborhood's best interest.

Stanger is a nice guy, but I have not seen the same level of commitment to our community as a whole. Our community has a whole set of issues that are more complex than where will I park my car. He takes cell phone pictures of cars parked on the street all. the. time. I am not sure how that has advanced the parking issue in the past 3 years he has been taking the pictures. He and his partner have advocated for tearing down the Capitol Quarter tot lot - red playground. They have made no effort in bringing all the interested parties together and coming up with a solution to the noise and to the parents who see it as a safe and fun place to take their children to play. How is tearing down a playground good for our community? Frankly, it is one of the only places where everyone comes together.

As for Square 767, I wasn't at the debate and I won't be listening to hearsay - I will wait to read something in writing. Am I concerned about the two buildings as opposed to one - definitely!!! It does go against the idea of mixed income, but I don't see Stanger being able to organize an effort to combat it. I throw my support behind Meredith who will enter the fight for one building, as someone who has a proven record of organizing a seemingly insurmountable effort (yes, she made sure Van Ness kept the $15 million the Council threatened to take away).

Meredith has shown she can bring people together to work towards a greater goal and and make this community the best example of a mixed income development.

RDS554 says: (10/19/14 2:30 PM)
SEawesome, Meredith's position wasn't hearsay, I was there sitting in the first row right in front of her. It wasn't ambiguous or stated in anyway that could have been misconstrued; she stated it "was a done deal" and we should just focus on the design of the exterior and how that would serve to bring the segregated buildings together. Good people can disagree but her position was clearly stated. With as much pushback as she has gotten about that I doubt seriously she is going to put it in writing at this point.

As I said in my first post, I like Meredith-she's an incredibly impressive candidate and person and I applaud all that she is done for Van Ness Elementary. But the DCHA issue is the one that has the potential to do serious damage to this community. We cannot afford an ANC that will not stand up to DCHA and their corrupt ways.

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