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The Yards has announced on its Twitter/Facebook feeds that furniture store Desi Living Loft Furniture is coming to the Foundry Lofts in June.
The company, which according to its web site currently has locations in Rockville, Arlington's Pentagon Row, and Annapolis Towne Center, bills itself as "the DC area's premier stop for the most affordable, stylish, and unique concepts in living room furniture." Presumably this is coming to the retail space on the building's southeast corner, next to Kruba Thai and across from the Lumber Shed at the Yards Park.
This would be the first non-food non-services retailer to open in the neighborhood (other than CVS).
I've reached out to Forest City for more information, and will update when I get it.
UPDATE: The store will be a 3,000-square-foot showroom, and the official press release says "late spring" for opening. The release also gives a slightly different name for the company than its own web site, calling it "Desi Living Loft Furniture," apparently because this will have a slightly different type of furniture mix, so I've changed the title of this blog post.
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MJM says: (3/19/13 1:50 PM)
Well that is a shock but they do have some really great stuff.

JD says: (3/19/13 1:54 PM)
Personally, I can't believe that a store like this opened before the neighborhood got its first cellphone retailer.

JES says: (3/19/13 2:18 PM)
Oh god... anything but cell phone retailers....

JD says: (3/19/13 2:27 PM)
(Just as an aside, I wasn't hinting that there needs to be a cellphone retailer in the neighborhood, just that I've had knocking around in my head for a while now the snarky comment that a neighborhood can't really be considered "arrived" until it has its first cellphone store.)

NatsFan says: (3/19/13 2:34 PM)
good news...a somewhat surprising addition, but another store to get people to the area where they can then check out the bars/restaurants. keep coming retail...any retail (except a cellphone. ha)

Eric says: (3/19/13 2:35 PM)
Coolness. Does anyone know if Forest City or whoever owns the Lofts has cheaper lease rates than Akridge or whoever owns the retail in 909? Because I can't figure out why it hasn't been leased yet.

JD says: (3/19/13 2:47 PM)
If you're talking about 909 New Jersey, I think they took a hit in terms of not having much retailer interest during the time that the building was being sold. And right now, that spot may still seem a bit away from the center of things to some retailers. But once the Park Chelsea starts coming out of the ground (and the final cleanup work is done at the trash transfer site), maybe someone will bite.

David Garber says: (3/19/13 4:04 PM)
Also, re: 909. The building owners stopped marketing the space for about a year (or more?) during the period when it was trading hands. When the trash transfer station started getting demo'd, they decided to stop leasing efforts again until that site was cleared and looked OK. Last I heard they were interviewing new leasing teams...

JD says: (3/19/13 7:25 PM)
Guess I should have said it's the second non-food non-services retailer in the Hood, after Ann's Wigs and Beauty Supplies.

BillP says: (3/20/13 10:01 AM)
JD, don't be too hard on yourself! You really just meant "first NEW non-food non-services retailer" in the hood...

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (3/20/13 10:48 AM)
A corporate cell phone store is always welcomed. AT&T has a large corporate store at the corner of H and 7 in Chinatown. Verizon can open their own corporate cell phone store somewhere on M street.

Some people who live in this neighborhood are elites. They think they are some kind of aristocrats. No cell phone store or no movies theater, no to this and to that.

JES says: (3/20/13 10:52 AM)
Anyone know if Park Chelsea's gonna have any retail?

Side note, not wanting a certain type of retail in the area doesn't make you an elitist. It just means you have preferences; show me a single person who doesn't have preferences.

JD says: (3/20/13 10:57 AM)
@JES, they say 1,500 sq ft of "convenience" retail space for the Park Chelsea. But the entire block of four buildings WC Smith expects to build there is supposed to have 75,000 sq ft of retail when done.

Maelstrom says: (3/20/13 11:10 AM)
A furniture store? Good luck parking a truck over there to pick stuff up. In seriousness, with the packing of those lots during weekdays, how much they malfunction (I've had a friend get a car trapped in the lots because the pay-machine did not work), and (as far as I know) the inability to park on the street on the Kruba side, I don't see this showroom working except for people in foundry lofts who want to go downstairs and buy furniture.

JD says: (3/20/13 11:12 AM)
There are such things as "loading zones."

JES says: (3/20/13 11:13 AM)
@JD thanks, that's good to know!

@Maelstrom, I think they keyword is showroom. What I imagine happening is that people will go in, place an order, and have it delivered to their home at a later time/date from Desi's warehouse. I could be completely wrong on this, but I can't imagine that they'd pay whatever Forest City's asking in rent to store a bunch of take-home-now furniture in a back room.

JD says: (3/20/13 11:26 AM)
On That Other Subject, the Park Tavern just posted its draft beer list: link

(Today is the 10 day mark from that tweet where they said they'd be open in about 10 days, BTW)

lefabe says: (3/20/13 12:50 PM)
I probably spent $20,000 at Room and Board and never needed to use a loading dock or even bring my own furniture home with me other than lamps.

Sophia Monster says: (3/20/13 1:21 PM)
@lefabe, where do you live? Any of that Room and Board furniture Eames?

SWag says: (3/20/13 4:39 PM)
@lefabe - same. didn't spends nearly that much, but never needed to go there and pick things up with a truck. lol. imagine trying to put a sofa and two chairs in a Honda Accord!! #fail

@Maelstrom - I don't even live in the neighborhood and I will DEF be going there to look around and hopefully buy some cool trendy things, so...

JD says: (3/20/13 4:43 PM)
I think they will get a lot of walk-in traffic from people heading to and from the Yards Park. Very much their target demographic.

323 says: (3/20/13 5:51 PM)
re: the beer list, what a typical Xavier Cervera meh offering (to borrow from two of the facebook commentors). Not holding out much hope for the food. Every one of his restaurants are the same. I'll have a shiner bock and some sloppy joe sliders, please.

I realize beggars cant be choosers, and I appreciate anyone who is willing to invest in our neighborhood after such a drought, but his offerings would not fly in penn quarter, 14th, U, H St., Chinatown etc. He has established this niche of opening restaurants that seem nice compared to what the hill had before, and I suppose it is working, because they keep coming.

I continue to hold out hope that places like agua 301, Osteria Morini, Buzz Bakery and BlueJacket will set the bar so high that his lowest common denominator business model is forced to change.

Anyways, I did not intend for this to turn into a rant, it is something that has been frustrating me for awhile. And I hope I am wrong and the menu is creative and well executed.

Maelstrom says: (3/20/13 7:49 PM)

Good points. When I think furniture, I think IKEA - so the idea of a showroom did not occur to me even though it was written. I also don't mean to sound too negative - I am just skeptical. Perhaps it is because I am locked on the other side of the (Navy Yard) fence all day, but I've never thought of the Yards area (yet) as a shopping destination. Someone has to be first, and I hope this place has the staying power to survive, boost crowds, and open the door to other retailers.

PJY03 says: (3/21/13 12:14 AM)
@323 Um, are you looking at the same Draft List I am?
-Allagash Curieux? Its got a 95 score from Beer Advocate, very expensive and hard to find even at 750 ml (retails at $20 a bottle). Meridian has these drafts for 10, but I don't know where else you can find it in DC. This is so far from "meh".
-Sticking with belgians, Chimay Red? Again, a great beer, very hard to find on draft. 92 BA rating.
-Yards IPA:seems like an odd choice to put a Philly microbrew on the menu, I guess its a nod to Yards Park. But again, far from a bad beer.
-Heavy Seas Marzen: Marzen is usually pretty seasonal, so that's interesting, but its not terrible.
-Tilburg's: a Belgian dark, very hard to find on draft.

If you're complaining about Fat Tire and Miller, I get it -- but everyone has to have those beers. That's a business decision. Otherwise, this is a short list, but quite a good one. You can't call any draft list with Curieux and Chimay Red on it "meh". From the rest of your post it seems like maybe you were looking for an opportunity to ding Cervera because he bores you. I think you overshot here.

Eric says: (3/21/13 2:20 AM)
As a non-beer person, it was interesting to hear the counter-point, so thanks for that PJY03. Given the types of snobbery and complaints you hear on listservs/building boards, it feels a chunk of the neighborhood only wants to eat at Zatinyas and Makotos. I'm surprised no one's whined about Nando's. I'm looking forward to tasting all the whiny tears about concerts at Fairgrounds or Justin's block parties.

I'm SUPER excited for Agua and Osteria, but if Kruba is any indication, they're going to be expensive and not places I can afford to dine at every week. Hopefully Park Tavern straddles are a nice medium between $ and $$$, which would be $$. We need a wide variety of price points around the hood.

As a side note: I'm kind of irked Cornercopia is only open on weekdays. I'd really love to grab an awesome lunch sammy on Sat or Sunday, but I guess they only want the commuter business? Did they close because they didn't get enough business on weekends? I've almost forgotten that place exists because it's always closed when I want to go.

Eric says: (3/21/13 2:22 AM)
Addendum: Okay, Kruba isn't THAT expensive, and the food is really good. But it's a dollar or two more expensive than the already not-cheap DC Thai average.

JD says: (3/21/13 9:21 AM)
Osteria is going to be pretty expensive. Chef Michael White is a big deal. Agua I'm guessing would have similar prices to Zest.

Don't forget Biersch, which will certainly have the widest-ranging menu in the Hood. Menu is on the web site, but no prices: link

As for Cornercopia, it's never been open on Saturdays, because Albert's family is 7th Day Adventist. I wonder if it will reopen on Sundays as the weather gets warm, especially on gamedays.

JD says: (3/21/13 9:27 AM)
All of Osteria's online menus show prices, so you can at least see what they're charging in SoHo and in Bernardsville, NJ, and try to imagine where their DC price point will be.

Here's Osteria's dinner menu at their NYC location: link

And at the NJ location:

Both of those locations do also have lunch menus, so that could be a slightly cheaper option (I don't know if this location will be open for lunch).

NYC lunch:

Bernardsville lunch:

And there's also a take-out menu for the SoHo location:

And Brunch there, too:

I'll let you check out the dessert and beverage menus!



ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (3/21/13 9:28 AM)
Cornercopia used to be open Sunday thru Friday. They were always closed on Saturdays because they are Seventh day Adventist. Saturday is a Savath and it is a holy day.

They are probably closed on Sunday because they probably want to take a break. It is family owned business.

Eric says: (3/21/13 9:50 AM)
Yeah, that's not cheap. If Michael White is a big deal, then at least it'll serve as a draw from other neighborhoods.

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (3/21/13 10:15 AM)
I read an article from the NY times when they announced they are going to come to the Lumber shed and their typical night at Ostaria is 60K a night. The Officers (CEO,CFO etc) from Lehman and other big time bankers dine and wine there.

As a matter of fact the part owner of the Osteria group used to be a CFO of some hedge fund or one of those New York investment banking people.

Eric says: (3/21/13 10:24 AM)
Something tells me the one down here won't be pulling 60k a night. Hopefully the lease rates aren't that expensive...

JES says: (3/21/13 1:11 PM)
@JD and others, if you go to the link JD provided for the GB menu, there's a dropdown where you can select our location and it will display the prices for you: link

It's not bad at all; only a few entrees over 20 bucks, and several sandwiches at the 10-12 dollar price point. Should be very popular with ballgame-goers and residents looking to dine on the slightly cheaper side.

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