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You don't have to wait for the Wednesday print edition of the Post to see the lead article in the Food section, previewing the Bluejacket brewery coming to the Boilermaker Shops at the Yards this spring.
Quoting: "If most craft breweries are akin to spacious but modest homes, Bluejacket, when it opens in May or June, will be a small mansion with all the amenities. The quantity and variety of equipment, much more than a brewery of its size would usually have and all custom-built, will arguably make Bluejacket like no other small brewery in the country: a facility that [Neighborhood Restaurant Group] hopes will turn out a staggeringly diverse, constantly changing array of topnotch beers."
After much describing of the how Bluejacket's approach to its brewery differs from many other ventures in the US, the Post asks, "So what, then, will be the end result of this perfect-world brewery buildout? Once we descended from the mezzanine to the ground floor, Engert began describing a wildly ambitious beer program: 15 drafts and five cask ales at all times, plus five drafts from other breweries, along with an assortment of house beers in 375- and 750-milliliter bottles and even magnums and Jeroboams. He wants to implement the same sort of constant rotation that is a hallmark of Birch & Barley/ChurchKey and other NRG restaurants."
I haven't been inside the space since September, but the photos I took that day, from before the buildout began, should help envision the setup that the Post piece describes.
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Packinblackandred says: (2/20/13 9:47 AM)
This sounds wonderful. I just hope that the prices aren't outrageous!

JES says: (2/20/13 9:59 AM)
Is it May yet?

JD says: (2/20/13 10:04 AM)
Speaking of the Boilermaker Shops, a reader passed along this link, which I'm guessing gives the reason as to why Huey's is no longer in the lineup:


MurphsMyDog says: (2/20/13 11:04 AM)
Can't wait...I'm just sad that the likely opening date keeps getting pushed back. Noted that the Esquire article predicted May, this WP article said May or June.

I just want it open - the taste that I had a Snallygaster was wonderful!

JD says: (2/20/13 11:11 AM)
At least the build-out is clearly underway, so you know they're trying. :-)

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (2/20/13 11:35 AM)
Good riddance Huey's if you can't pay your bills.

You know what Boilermaker shop needs? A place like Tryst in Adams Morgan link

I used to go to Tryst and study for some of my grad school exams/do homework. I miss the good old days of doing some home work while eating Tuna Sandwich and drinking long island ice tea at Tryst. LOL

JD says: (2/20/13 11:40 AM)
By the way, they ran a correction this morning on the print edition that warmed my heart:

And this, my friends, is why trying to call the neighborhood the same name as a functioning multi-block entity just doesn't work.

(Full disclosure: I have a close personal relationship with the Post staffer that found the error(s) and wrote the correction.)

Eric says: (2/20/13 12:15 PM)
I wouldn't want a Tryst because it would be direct competition with my beloved Lot 38, and their espresso is off the hook.

Tryst's indoor style/vibe is top notch, I will admit. Very cozy.

dereknolini says: (2/20/13 12:16 PM)
Things are happening - blue jacket construction, park chelsea construction, harris teeter! The neighborhood is coming along. These next 24-36 months are exciting times. I will still support Justin's - love that place.

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (2/20/13 1:00 PM)
There wouldn't be a competition with Lot 38. Lot 38 doesn't have liquor license and it closes at 7pm. Tryst has a liquor license and it opens till 2am Sunday through Thursday and till 3am on Friday and Saturdays.

@ Derek..sorry to break this to you but your beloved Justin's will be out of business by the time all four bars open in our area. The only clientele Justin will have is you, @Eric and some hobo.

straightoutof03 says: (2/20/13 1:30 PM)

Justin's will have a much smaller share of the market but I think they can still make especially if they up their game a little with better food etc. Also, in my experience, Hobos and guys named Eric do buy a lot of booze.

dereknolini says: (2/20/13 5:01 PM)
Tryst would be awful - nothing like a bunch of loser hipsters ordering guava cream cheese puffs in our neighborhood. Leave the black wire-rimmed glasses in adams morgan. Any "non coffeehouse but actually a coffeehouse that promotes a "clever coffee dripper" belongs in adams morgan where you can still get a jumbo slice of cheese pizza for $2.95. Watch the jumbo slices ZooBoy, a moment on the hips is a lifetime on the hips. Stop renting ZooBoy. Grow up and move out of your parents basement. Developers our pouring money into this neighborhood like a custom clever coffee dripper from Tryst.

Westnorth says: (2/20/13 5:18 PM)
Well, Bluejacket will arrive with a Buzz bakery; their North Alexandria location has solid live music and is open until midnight, in addition to serving up some amazing sweets. I'm frustrated at the lack of local joints in DC where I can feed my coffee addiction after 7PM.

Also, the "loser hipsters" hate seems a little extreme.

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (2/20/13 6:20 PM)
I don't rent @Derek. I own my own place. Hipsters are not losers. What's wrong with guava cream cheese puffs? Did you have to mention the jumbo slice of cheese pizza dude - Now, I feel hungry. I miss the jumbo slice of cheese pizza. There are a lot more variety restaurants in Adams Morgan than coffee places and jumbo pizza places.

"Developers our pouring money into this neighborhood like a custom clever coffee dripper from Tryst"?? Are you talking about the containers on half street or parking spaces at the yards? Developers are dry and they can't find money to build any thing. If developers are pouring money in to this neighborhood, you would have seen Akridge and Monument doing some construction on Half street instead of empty hole and disgusting looking containers and Forest city would be building a lot more apartments at the yards instead of one slow ass apartment.

JES says: (2/20/13 7:49 PM)
Ya know, if you don't like it here, you can always move ;-)

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (2/20/13 8:52 PM) need to pay attention. If you don't have any meaningful comment to contribute, may be you need to stop commenting.
This is not about liking it or not. It is about fact. Development in the capitol Riverfront is very slow compared to the rest of the city. This is a fact. People have the right to express their opinion based on facts.

FYI: I love my neighborhood. Give yourself a favor @JES, don't try to comment something that is irrelevant in regards to this particular subject. Moving it or moving out and/or liking it not liking has nothing to do with this.

Eric says: (2/20/13 8:53 PM)
Zoolander, I ask this seriously...did Justin's wrong in you in some way? I've never seen someone have so much animus for a place.

Eric says: (2/20/13 8:56 PM)
Also, you seem pompous.

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (2/20/13 9:04 PM)
I am way far from pompous.
@Eric, why does your feeling gets hurt every time I criticize @ Justin or every time I have a different opinion than yours? Why the name calling? Do you think I am not capable of calling you names? I want to say..hey @Eric, you seem to be some kind of imbecile but I don't want to disrespect the blogger. Somehow, you get away for calling me names but I can't get away if I call you names.

Eric says: (2/20/13 9:08 PM)
I prefer "Navy Yard area" or "near the baseball stadium/ballpark/" over "Capitol Riverfront". No one says that.

Eric says: (2/20/13 9:10 PM)
You just seem to hate on everything. You've never articulated WHY you hate half the establishments in the neighborhood. I'm genuinely curious. Sorry for calling you pompous, you just seem to be always negative.

JD says: (2/20/13 9:14 PM)
This is veering perilously close to Picard territory....

ZoolanderANDtheBoYz says: (2/20/13 9:20 PM)
I don't hate on everything. I don't hate half of the establishments only Justin's. Everyone wants to talk only about the positive thing and avoid the negative thing.
There is a lots of positive thing that I can talk about the navy yard area or near the baseball stadium or five blocks away from the Capitol hill..whatever people prefer to call it.

Doesn't it bother any one that NOMA has about five or six buildings under construction and ours has only two?

Doesn't it really annoy any one that 1025 first street office building has been empty for almost two years?

Or we can just talk about only the positive stuff. The awesome canal park, low crime rate, clean neighborhood and other positive things.

JD says: (2/20/13 9:29 PM)
Or we could talk about Bluejacket brewery, since that's what this thread is about.

VelocityChris says: (2/20/13 11:03 PM)
Maybe what Eric is getting at Zoo is that you seem to constantly go out of your way to talk about how awful Justin's is, so it seems like you have some special beef against it. To be honest, I'm curious too why you hate them so much. There are lots of places we think are dull, don't have good food, etc., but we don't feel the need to bring them up all the time to make sure everyone else thinks they're awful. Seems a little trolling and just picking fights.

Packinblackandred says: (2/21/13 8:25 AM)
Happy vibes, everyone, just focus on the beer!

I think the spaciousness of the interior will be pretty unique, kind of similar to the restaurants in former tobacco warehouses in Durham. It would be really cool if the vats/fermentation vessels were visible on the mezzanine, too.

JES says: (2/21/13 9:54 AM)
@Zoo, it was a joke, man. Hence the winky face. Calm down

Jaybird says: (2/21/13 10:44 AM)
I hear ya JD. That article talked about their six different approaches to making beer. Look forward to learning about each.

And can I say something cheesy? At Bluejacket, it's always the bottom of the pinth inning - ha, ha!

monkeyrotica says: (2/21/13 1:49 PM)
I just hope a couple of those 15 taps are non-toxically-hopped quadruple IPAs. I just want to enjoy a nice, well-rounded beverage, not make my butt implode into a quantum singularity of hops.

B in DC says: (2/21/13 2:31 PM)
JD, I love you, but couldn't disagree with you more on the neighborhood moniker. I think that context takes care of pretty much all confusion that could result. (While it's possible that a fancy brewery open to the public theoretically could be open inside the locked-off Navy Yard gates, that's extremely unlikely.) I don't agree that a Post correction was necessary here and believe that Navy Yard should be our neighborhood name.

F says: (2/21/13 4:19 PM)
Soooo...when is Whole Foods coming to Near SE?

Eric says: (2/21/13 4:27 PM)
Never! Now enjoy your Harris Teeter.


I also agree with B in DC. I have friends who live on U Street but don't actually live ON U Street (1-3 blocks away). When people ask them where they live, they say "U Street". Same deal with Dupont Circle. I don't think there's anything wrong with saying Navy Yard as a 'hood moniker.

Westnorth says: (2/21/13 11:41 PM)
Forest City hosted a program about the Yards inside their Boilermaker mezzanine space last night, and wow, those high ceilings are just enchanting. They went out of their way to praise Bluejacket, particularly since their interior up-fit meshed with the industrial look that the NPS historic tax credit award requires.

@monkey: there was a hint in the article that breweries go all Love Canal with their hoppage because IPAs are quick to brew, and time = money for breweries with few vessels and therefore high turnover. Bluejacket, OTOH, intends to keep stuff in its many tanks for a long while. None of the six categories seem to scream "Hop Overload!!!!!" to me. Also, there'll be not 15, but 25 taps!

Westnorth says: (2/21/13 11:50 PM)
Oh, the only vague "news" from last night's program was that Deb Ratner promises "2-3 letters of intent are in process" for Boilermaker retailers. They made a conscious decision not to sign national retailers at first, to enhance the project's authenticity, but have softened on that stance now that they have some anchor tenants signed. (That Potbelly could open so quickly also helped.) "Restaurants have been easy" to sign but "soft goods are now beginning," so it seems like they're at least in preliminary discussions with something like an apparel retailer.

Eric says: (2/22/13 1:33 AM)
Very cool meeting. How did you find out about it?

NatsFan says: (2/22/13 10:07 AM)
I'll place bets Justins doesnt go out of business. More poeple moving into the area and they already have a solid "fan" base.

As for Blue Jacket - is anyone worried that this strategy may back fire on them? the longer brewing times, "dream brewery" aspect. The so called "experts" in the article seemed to be wary. I dont know. Just a thought. I sure as hell will be there....just hoping they are dreaming too big.

SWag says: (2/22/13 10:39 AM)
Navy Yard is cool, but if you are just going to refer to a centralized location as your neighborhood - Yards Park or the Yards sounds way better. Plus the Navy hopefully wont ALWAYS occupy that spot... Capitol Riverfront sounds too forced and takes way to long to say.

Eric says: (2/22/13 12:32 PM)
I would totally get behind Capitol Riverfront if we could call it CapRi, but not CapRi, but Capri, like the delicious juice pouches.

Every other Caprier I've met out on the city says they live at Navy Yard. Yards Park or Yards to me sounds like...the Yards park, the actual park. And Yards Park doesn't have the name recognition Navy Yard does.

Every other neighborhood near a metro goes by their metro name, so why not us? When I say 'Navy Yard/Ballpark' everyone knows what I mean.

JD says: (2/22/13 12:45 PM)
When there is a multi-acre, incredibly historic (one of oldest still operating locations in the entire city) entity with the exact same name, I just think it does an incredible disservice to the *real* Navy Yard to suddenly have it be an after thought.

For years now, I have people say things to me like, "I heard a rumor that Vida Fitness is coming to the Navy Yard." Well, when I first heard this rumor, I had to actually get in touch with THE Navy Yard to see if it was true. Unlike at, say, Dupont Circle, it is completely realistic that a fitness club could be opening in THE Navy Yard. After all, there is a Navy Yard Dunkin Donuts, and unless you want to show your ID, you are not going to get to go there, even if you try to tell them that you are a "Navy Yard resident."

The reason the Post had to run the correction is that the print edition had a big blaring headline on the jump that said "In the Navy Yard...." That is just an outright error. Not "oh, well, people would know what we mean, of course it couldn't really BE in THE Navy Yard, blah blah blah." It is just plain incorrect. And for the person who wrote the story, if they don't really know the neighborhood, it's an incredibly easy mistake to make because of all the "in Navy Yard"ing.

As long as the Navy Yard exists, and has thousands of workers, multiple buildings, and even a few residents, it is just asking for trouble to be also calling the surrounding the neighborhood "Navy Yard."

Call it the Navy Yard District. Call it #NaYa. Call it #SoCHill. Call it "the neighborhood around the Navy Yard." Call it NatsTown. Call it "Navy Yard Yards." Call it Near Capitol Ballpark River Yards #NeCaBaRY. Say you live "at Navy Yard/Ballpark." But to just say "in Navy Yard" when you've got THE Navy Yard chugging away right there is not ever going to win me over, ever.

If you're trying to be all hipster and historic, then how about honoring the most historic thing in the neighborhood by letting it keep its name?


JD says: (2/22/13 12:54 PM)
And, obviously, the other underlying theme is that I'm not much of a fan of "Capitol Riverfront" either, which came along when the BID was created three years after I started blogging. And I never adopted it for JDLand because I don't cover Buzzard Point, which is also a part of the Capitol Riverfront BID.

I'm not planting some stake in the ground that Near Southeast is the only name that could ever possibly work. But that's what the city calls it, and until there's a real coalescing around some other name, I'm going to stick with it.

Unless the coalescing is around "Navy Yard." Then I'll just keep ignoring it.

conngs0 says: (2/22/13 1:47 PM)

Wow. Impressive rant. Good for you.

Nevertheless, I have a feeling that the article "the" will just have to be used with more precision in the future because the neighborhood is going to be more and more commonly known as "Navy Yard". Perhaps there will be higher potential for confusion than saying something is located IN Dupont Circle or U Street to refer to a general neighborhood as opposed to a specific location. But as long as "Navy Yard" exists on the Metro stop, so many buildings are named with allusions to THE Navy Yard (e.g., Boilermaker Shops, Foundry Lofts, Lumber Shed, etc. all located near the Yards Park), people are going to refer to refer to the neighborhood as Navy Yard.

As for doing a disservice to a historical site, I find myself unsurprisingly much less nostalgic. But I could see a case to be made that naming an entire neighborhood after THE Navy Yard is actually a nice tribute - especially in light of the above building names and the fact that the neighborhood includes a path along the water that allows visitors to catch a glimpse of its progenitor.

With respect to the subject of the post, I couldn't be more excited to see some progress with Blue Jacket. I think it'll be a great spot, and I'm hopeful that it's scale (and that of the NRG)will allow for it to continually offer a wide variety of products to patrons. When Blue Jacket and other establishments open, my guess is that it will improve the experience of places like Lot38 and Justin's. For one thing, if more people move to and patronize the area, there's a better chance that it will be profitable for Lot 38 to stay open later. And I think that Justin's biggest downfall has been its status as the only game in town. With some attention diverted elsewhere, I look forward to being able to enjoy a slightly less hectic atmosphere.

JD says: (2/22/13 2:07 PM)
If the Navy Yard weren't actually functioning anymore, I'd have almost no problem with "in Navy Yard"--my only nit would be that the "in" bugs me, since it's such a weird formulation, like saying "in Capitol Hill" or some such.

"At Navy Yard" bugs me less, even now, because that's easier to hear "at Navy Yard [Metro]" as the understood description.

But I'm the minor one fighting this battle. Imagine how the Capitol Riverfront BID, with the hundreds of thousands of dollars they are spending on branding this "new" neighborhood, might feel about "in Navy Yard." In this city, I never count out the folks with the deepest pockets.

Maybe it'll have to be called the Front of the Yard.

If everyone starts calling it #NaYa, though, just remember I coined it. ;-)

SWag says: (2/22/13 3:20 PM)
Navy Yard causes confusion and no one would no where you live if you say Capitol Riverfront anyway (plus Cap River encompasses some of SW so can you REALLY go with that?). Yards Park sounds as much like you live IN the park as saying you live IN any other hood. Yards Park keeps the essence of what the neighborhood is all about and gives it it's uniqueness. I live in SW so I don't have this issue. I just say SW

Eric says: (2/22/13 5:50 PM)
I really must wonder what the CapRi people feel about how Capitol Riverfront is not really catching on outside of some newspaper articles or their own press releases. I think the BID is great and does a lot of good, but the name is SO DAMN GENERIC that I can't ever see people calling it that.

Navy Yard (or some variation of it with respect to JD) is the only thing that people seem to 'get'. Even then once in a while I have to say 'by the ballpark'. I've said Capitol Riverfront, no one got it. I've said near Southeast by then people either don't get it or they say 'that's Capitol Hill right?'.

To which I reply, 'kinda'.

VelocityChris says: (2/23/13 6:29 AM)
I think this is a mix of splitting hairs and making mountains out of mole hills personally. There's Washington state and Washington DC, University of Washington (in the state) and Washington University (in Missouri), etc. etc. etc. and yet people get by just fine. The english language is also full of homophones and yet we 're able to figure those out too. I personally say I live in Navy Yard and/or by the ballpark and it works out pretty simply. The biggest issue hear is the metro station name, as long as Navy Yard is there the neighborhood's going to be called that by most people. If someone is looking for a place to go, whether its in The Navy Yard or the neighborhood, they're not going to put "the navy yard" into their gps or look on a map, they're going to get the address for Lot38 (or wherever they're going to for the first time) and go there so I doubt the dunkin donuts example is a real problem. And I don't see how it's a disservice, I think it's the opposite, naming the neighborhood is a testament to the stature and significance of The Navy Yard to the area.

conngs0 says: (2/23/13 5:28 PM)
I'm just glad that people are trying to make the neighborhood distinct from Capitol Hill. The Hill is of course a great place to live, so you'd think that there'd be a temptation to try to be associated with it. However, it really seems like the developers and residents and are taking advantage of the opportunity to create a community with its own identity. Whatever name ends up sticking, it sure seems like it's well on its way to being a special place.

Eric says: (2/24/13 5:47 PM)
Mayor Gray talked a bit about the neighborhood in this MLB article: link

JD says: (2/25/13 10:45 AM)
I hope people who haven't been following along don't key too much on the mayor's "we have a movie theater coming" line. I wouldn't expect to see that (if he's talking about the one the Yards is planning) before 2016.

MJM says: (2/25/13 1:22 PM)
conngs0 - some are trying to make that distinction. Ask some of the CQ folks and they have included themselves into Cap Hill South. Not sure what that means but sad to say Cap Hill stops at the DMZ called the SE/SW Freeway except that little area around VA Ave Park.

And JD is right, I don't live in the Navy Yard and I don't live in Nats Stadium. I tell people I live near both but sometimes I get the look of you live near the Navy Yard, really, you live there? You know near Nats Stadium, oh that's a nice area. Depends on who you talk to and their reaction (old-timer or newbie DC resident) but I don't use CapRiverFront as the area I live in.

monkeyrotica says: (2/25/13 1:24 PM)
I don't care what you call it as long as it isn't some stupid realtor made-up neighborhood name like SAdMo or FloRhIde or SoWWat. Because I still refuse to call south west Mass Ave "SoWeMaWay" because that's where The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

MJM says: (2/25/13 1:28 PM)
Can I help Mayor Gray clear up his confusion?
"Gray also believes that Washington should be a candidate for the All-Star Game. He believes Nationals Park should attract the event. "I don't know what more we need to do other than not having the track record for not having a successful team; I think we should be a prime candidate now."

Well Mr. Mayor, if Monumnet and Akridge would open their wallets and build or sell their land to someone who will, its gonna be tough to attract an All-Star Game to a stadium that has right outside the main gate freight containers on one side of the street and a giant hole (with a developing tree canpoy) on the other side. Not to mention an old gas station one block over.

VelocityChris says: (2/25/13 3:54 PM)
Amen MJM on the all-star game comment!

conngs0 says: (2/26/13 2:50 PM)
On the all-star game issue, I absolutely think that DC could and should host. The earliest DC could host the game is 2016, which actually coincides nicely with JD's optimistic timeline for the movie theater. I fully expect the neighborhood surrounding Nats Park to be ready for prime time by then. And even if it isn't, look at some of the other host cities for the all-star game. Clearly a flourishing surrounding neighborhood is not a prerequisite. They've held the game in Philly, at Veterans Stadium, for Pete's sake!

SWag says: (2/28/13 11:25 AM)
Does anyone vote for the Yards? No? :(

JD says: (2/28/13 9:32 PM)
.... And now it's being said that Park Tavern isn't opening until March, having lost their chef, according to David Garber.

(and still no work in the Willie's space, am I right?)

drip drip drip....

VelocityChris says: (3/6/13 9:44 PM)
Regarding the neighborhood name, tonight I read the historical signs at Canal Park and one said in the context of the working class houses in the mid '1800s built at the canal opening on the Anacostia: "While Washington, DC expanded and modernized, this area, known as the Navy Yard section, saw little change. Small businesses and row houses gave the look of an aging small town." Sounds to me like Navy Yard is at least one of the original names for the neighborhood. Am I reading that wrong or does anyone know a different story? If that name is the historical name does that change anyone's mind?

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