2010 ANC 6D07 Candidate Questionnaire:
Robert Siegel

Robert Siegel | David Garber

Robert Siegel has been ANC 6D07's commissioner since 1999. He can be reached at the ANC Office at 202-554-1795 or at robertbobsiegel [at] gmail.com.

1. Describe how you view of the role of ANC commissioner.

My role of being an ANC Commissioner is very important and exciting. Of course, I am elected on the lowest part of the DC Government ladder, but this motivates me to be those eyes and ears of my neighbors who depends on the two-way communication that my job is based on being the middle person between DC Government and my neighbors. Passing information correctly in both directions is important. My concentration is on public safety, health services, city planning, and especially monitoring residential complaints. The ANC Commissioner is not just active in his single member district, he has to be active and get along with the other six commissioners.

2. What do you see as the biggest issue in 6D07 that needs addressing?

The biggest issue that needs addressing is simply better city planning with all the necessary input from my concerned neighbors. Input that is strongly passed on to those who can make the decisions that meet the goals and needs of my neighbors. Correct communication Input can solve issues such as residential parking etc… I look forward to more residential growth because the squeaky wheel "citizen input" gets the grease.

3. What do you think 6D07's greatest strength is?

6D07's greatest strength is my ability to work well with the other parts of the ANC 6D Commission as a whole to get things done. For example: I have to convince (and I do have that ability) my other Commissioners that a cross walk is needed before I can submit the request on to DDOT. A wild idea will never pass the collective minds of the other Commissioners. Not much can be done without a majority agreement by my six other Commissioners. Remember, what happens in my Commission can affect the other parts of the WHOLE commission. My Commission depends on TRUST and cooperation with others.

4. How do you view the potential impact of the Marines' search for a new barracks location on the neighborhood?

I truthfully believe the Marines from day one of their search knew exactly where they wanted to go. I feel very pained that I do not want them to take the 11th Street Garden Park in SE as their new home. I have learned that the Marines sometimes cannot be good neighbors when it comes to agreements with their use of land. I am sorry, but they need to expand their search and work with other developers.

5. Do you have a location you would prefer the Marines to choose?

I do believe that the Marines could build above their other current building between 5th and 7th, and L and Virginia Ave. I will approve that idea.

6. How do you feel about Nationals Park in terms of its impacts on the neighborhood?

Nationals Park has had a wonderful economic impact on the neighborhood. The Park has made the area ALIVE with continued development that is attracting more businesses and new residents.

7. What is Near Southeast most in need of?

The Near Southeast needs many amenities. Just a few: 1) A large sit down restaurant, 2) a park for children to play, and 3) a real dog park and I emphasize REAL DOG PARK.

8. As a commissioner, what will you be looking for from developers who are wanting to build in Near Southeast?

I want two things from developers in the Near Southeast. 1) Use of our residents and local businesses for employment and construction of projects and 2) no more fast food "joints" or additional mom and pop liquor stores, but substantial enterprises.

9. What do you feel the city should be doing to support the neighborhood and its residents? Is it doing enough, too much, too little?

I am sorry but the city has to turn its policy around as for residential parking. Too many of our residents are being ticketed and the out-of-state ones that need to be ticketed are not ticketed. My neighbors need to be able to park without the fear of tickets. I have always strongly believed in Tommy Wells' Livable Walkable City but cars do enable people to increase their incomes. The city needs to enforce the correct use of bikes and to make biking a lot safer. The city needs to pay closer attention to public safety in our walkable city. Currently, DDOT believes we have no parking problems and I find that to be intolerable.

10. How long have you lived in 6D07? And how long have you lived in DC, or the DC area?

I am proud to say that I have lived in my single member district for 31 years. I have lived in Washington since 1972 meaning 38 years as a DC resident.

11. Who did you support in the DC mayoral primary?

I gladly supported Mayor Adrian Fenty, because of improved city services in his term, lower crime stats because of the great work of Cathy Lanier, and better public school scores due to school Chancellor Michelle Rhee. I want you to know that I personally knew, worked with and saw regularly Vincent Gray. Mayor Fenty needed another term, however his problem was that he did not have regular town hall meetings to tell the citizens what he was going to do.

12. What do you want voters to remember about you as they fill out their ballot?

I want the voters to remember that I have been for 12 consecutive years an effective and reachable ANC Commissioner. I have amassed a lot of information and communication skills. Being a Commissioner is almost a full time job and I have been an honest and trustworthy neighbor supporting and wanting all the wants and needs of a good community. It is a real job that takes up to 20 hours a week and that I was endorsed by all my other ANC 6D Commissioners. I am proud to say that I was elected by my fellow Commissioners to be the Vice-Chair of ANC6D. I have also many years' worth of ties to other non-profits such as the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, the Anacostia Coordinating Council, and the First District CAC. I have the ability to work well with all people. Finally, remember that this ANC race is not a beauty contest, but is a job that one should have multiple qualifications to meet the job description and that my opponent has only attended one ANC meeting and has no qualifications nor any organizational skills that he has volunteered to any ANC 6D community or local non-profit organization.

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