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Near Southeast DC Past News Items: Nov 30, 2007
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Live on-site blogging via PDA, so it's brief. No actual deal yet for 225--city will be transferring its lease, not subletting. There are negotiations with several interested parties, handout says. More to come. (See the entry below for background on this press conference.)
UPDATE: Back at a real computer now. The official wording on 225 Virginia in the press release (now online): "Today, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty announced that the city plans to transfer its long-term lease of a warehouse at 225 Virginia Ave., SE, to a private entity that will assume the lease's "option to buy," saving the city $19.1 million a year. Although a final deal has not been penned, District officials are in negotiations with several interested parties." The $19 million figure comes from a combination of estimated lease, utilities, and buildout costs that would have been required had the city moved forward with plans to occupy the building.
Tommy Wells spoke as well, noting that the original plans for moving many MPD functions to the building "did not make sense," and thanked the mayor's office for working with him and the communities in both Southeast and Southwest on both 225 Virginia and also keeping the First District station in Southwest. He also said that using the Bowen site for 1D makes sense as well, and said there would be a "community process" to make sure neighborhood concerns about the move are addressed.
DC activist Dorothy Brizill (of DC Watch) was on hand, and asked a number of questions that weren't specifically addressed about the structure of the plans to get out from under the 225 lease; she also asked about the fate of the other MPD functions (the evidence warehouse, etc.) that were going to relocate to 225 Virginia; the mayor said that some will go to Bowen, and there will be news on the other ones to come.
For people interested in the Consolidated Forensics Lab, there were some renderings displayed; the release says that they'll also be available online at, but that site doesn't appear to be live yet.
More to come as the media coverage starts trickling in.
UPDATE II: It's not on their web site yet, but WTOP is apparently reporting that not only is NPR one of the groups negotiating with the city (as previously speculated), but that it's the "preferred option" of several officials within the Fenty Administration.
UPDATE, 12/1: Not really much coverage (but you already got most of the scoop here, anyway). The WashTimes got some quotes from Phil Mendelson about the Bowen/CFL moves, which he called "no 'new' news" and labeled himself skeptical that the CFL can be done on the schedule the city is calling for.

Word is filtering to me that the mayor has scheduled a press conference for 11 a.m. to announce that the city is going to sublease 225 Virginia Avenue--the wording sounds like they've got someone lined up, but I don't know who (we do know that NPR apparently has been looking at the building as a possibility for its new headquarters, but I don't know if they're the ones actually getting the building). The city is paying $6 million a year to rent 225 Virginia (aka the old Star Plant, aka the old Post Plant), so this would actually be a sub-sub lease. And the building's ownership structure itself is very complicated, in a way I don't understand enough to adequately or correctly explain.
Mayor Fenty will also apparently announce, as I speculated yesterday, that the police department's First District station will indeed be moving to Bowen Elementary after it is closed at the end of the school year, allowing the Consolidated Forensics Lab to be built on the site of the current 1D station at Fourth and School, SW. It was the idea of moving 1D to 225 Virginia, hatched in the waning days of the Williams administration, that got the city into the lease in the first place. The plan then expanded to moving a bunch of other MPD functions there as well, including the executive offices and the evidence lockup, but it was scuttled after much community opposition to the traffic/parking issues, plus feelings that it just wasn't the right use for the building given its somewhat residential location. (You can browse my entries on 225 for more background.)
It will be interesting to see Phil Mendelson's reaction to all of this, given that he clearly has continued to hold out hope that 225 Virginia would still be able to be used for some MPD functions.
UPDATE: See this entry for the more updated information from the press conference, and for any subsequent media coverage.

The Washington Business Journal print edition (online for subscribers only) writes today about news posted here on a week ago [JD waves to WBJ] about St. Matthew's Church signing a contract to sell its property at 1105 New Jersey Avenue to Ruben Companies. Nothing really new in the story--neither side would say the sales price, and Ruben says the type of development on the site remains "up in the air"--but it was mentioned that there was once a contract between the church and Donohoe (developers of 1111 New Jersey next door), but no price could ever be agreed on.

The Catholic News Service indicates that lots of people are trying to get tickets to the Pope's April 2008 appearances at both Nationals Park and Yankee Stadium: "To answer the question that is increasingly being asked of officials with the archdioceses of Washington and New York--and pretty much anyone else who works for the Catholic Church in the region -- you can't yet get tickets to any events during Pope Benedict XVI's visit to those cities in April. The two archdioceses don't expect to have information about how to get tickets for the few public events of the April 15-20 visit until after the first of the year. And what tickets are available will likely be distributed according to formulas that will give priority to people from Washington and New York and neighboring dioceses." The full itinerary is available here.

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