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If you have wandered through Canal Park or the Yards Park in recent days, you may have come across the large displays that make up the Capitol Riverfront BID's new two-part "Then and Now" exhibit, showcasing photos that probably look very familiar to longtime JDLand readers. The BID also included explanatory text for the 20 sites highlighted, and they are a very striking way for people who've never heard of a "JDLand" to see exactly what has gone on in the neighborhood in such a relatively short period of time. And no need to be hunched over a computer or squinting at a phone screen! The exhibits will be on display through mid-summer.
In other news that I've been extraordinarily neglectful of:
* NICOLETTA PIZZA: It was almost six years ago that I first wrote of plans for Chef Michael White's plans to bring a sibling of his Osteria Morini to the Yards Park boardwalk.The notion seemed to fall by the wayside, especially when Morini Piccolo arrived in the fall of 2017, but lo and behold, a few weeks ago signage went up, and now it is open. Eater DC wrote a preview, if you are looking for information beyond ***PIZZA*** (and frozen Negronis, which Mr. JDLand would have been quite revved up for).
* MORE APARTMENTS UNDERWAY: My coverage of the eastern portion of the neighborhood is even worse than my coverage of the rest of it, so I haven't written much about either the completed renovations of the 19-unit apartment building now known as the Callisto at 816 Potomac or about the adjoining four-story, 49-unit new construction apartment building apparently dubbed Europa at 818 Potomac, both by MMg Development. Work is now underway on Europa, as I captured in a terrible photo a few weeks ago. (And maybe I'll get my development map updated with these items soon. Any Minute Now.)
* MORE CONDOS UNDERWAY: Readers have been noticing digging underway on the south side of L Street between South Capitol and Half, and it is the start of construction on an 11-story, 74-unit condo building at 37 L Street, a project of DBT Development. Here is a rendering, from the web site of Bonstra Haresign Architects, that shows the building if you are looking toward the southeast from across L Street. This was the site for the former Empire Cab company, and before that, the site of one of the city's deadliest fires. This is not to be confused with the Metro "chiller plant" site next door, on the corner of Half and L, where residential is slated to happen Some Day.
* TACO CITY DC: One other east-end item that I have neglected terribly is the arrival of Taco City DC, next to Las Placitas on the southeast corner of 8th and L in a storefront that has seen at least three other food ventures come and go within the past few years. But it looks like the jinx might be broken, with the Post's Going Out Guide quickly naming it one of the ten best taco shops in the area.
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CJBabyDaddy says: (4/10/19 12:53 AM)
Strolling through the Yards Park “Then and Now” exhibit yesterday evening, I really enjoyed watching people converse about and snap pictures of numerous “before-and-after” photos that we in JDLand have been privy to these many years on this website. Fellow readers, you owe it to yourselves to stroll through Yards and Canal Parks to get the full “Then and Now” experience. It’ll help you appreciate even more the tremendous dedication it has taken to record and share the history of WhateverYouChooseToCallThisNeighborhood.

Thanks for all that have done to enlighten and inform us, and to make JDLand citizenship so special. Congratulations on your long overdue 15 minutes, JD!

JD says: (4/10/19 9:20 AM)
You're so nice to say all those wonderful things, especially making up that part about people actually looking at the exhibits. :)

monkeyrotica says: (4/10/19 10:18 AM)
So no lunch hours at Nicoletta? Too bad. Fortunately, there's no shortage of pizza in the neighborhood. I'll have to give them a try for happy hour.

willinrm says: (4/10/19 11:38 AM)
Quick review at Nicoletta, no pizza by the slice sadly, pizzas aren't that large but are very dense and the flavor is off the charts amazing.(only need 2-3 pieces for a full meal)expect to wait between 7-15 mins for your order they make it on the spot. 24 bucks after tax.

jdc says: (4/10/19 11:48 AM)
FWIW, the Chix signage finally came down. They have also pulled up the new pavers on Half Street in several spots and I assume trees or other plantings may be coming.

JD says: (4/10/19 11:52 AM)
Looks like the Chix signage came down because another restaurant is coming in. Building permit application in process says: Modify former restaurant tenant space for a new restaurant which shall utilize existing HVAC, Plumbing, gas, and Power systems and modifying the distribution for new equipment for a Max Occupant Load of 49.The scope of work shall include: Minor demo for revised layout, minimal wall construction, new engineered wood floor (dining area), new wall finishes throughout (paint, thin brick, tile), new light fixtures, installation of new furniture and millwork.

JES says: (4/10/19 12:04 PM)
They're gonna tear up the entire street though in 2020 to revise the streetscape, so it seems weird to try to plant trees now.

jdc says: (4/10/19 12:27 PM)
I'm excited to hear what is coming to former Chix location. I wish permits had more details. Maybe I'll sneak a peak when I walk past today.

walt says: (4/10/19 1:04 PM)
I liked Chix and I think they just opened too early at that location. Not sure many stores could stay open in that location under the circumstances. Their mac-n-cheese was out of this world.

bmooremsu says: (4/10/19 1:20 PM)
Congratulations JD! You are a treasure! Separately, can anyone help me understand what gives with the former DPW site across from the Garrett. Seems like prime real estate, what am I missing?

JD says: (4/10/19 1:21 PM)
Thank you! And, separately, the DPW site is part of the Capper-Carrollsburg Hope VI footprint, so it's going to be on DCHA's timeline. It's slated to be apartments, but {shrug emoji}.

GarfieldPark says: (4/10/19 2:21 PM)
I would take a Panera. Keep on bringing the lunch spots.

202_cyclist says: (4/10/19 3:04 PM)
Dacha looks great but I am disappointed that we are losing park space at the park next to Dock 79.

jdc says: (4/10/19 3:14 PM)
Once the giant 'park' in the middle of JD Land disappears (parcels A, F, G), this will begin to feel a bit more like midtown DC with 'tall' (for DC) buildings everywhere and not a lot of open space or sight lines.

Jaybird says: (4/10/19 3:39 PM)
What will they do with the Then and Now displays after they take them away? One hopes a permanent display is in the works.

Ampersand says: (4/10/19 4:08 PM)
@jdc, I think that the sight lines will actually be pretty decent even after full buildout. The Rights of Way are very wide on 1st, NJ Ave, and M, the DOT building has plenty of open space around it, and on the east side of 3rd there are rowhomes.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/10/19 5:34 PM)
@Jaybird: Time for us all to petition Mayor Bowser, Councilman Allen, the CapRiv BID managemement team, Brookfield, the Smithsonian — whoever— to declare the “iconic” building on the NW corner of 3rd & Tingey as the future site of the JDLand Museum. That would seem to be an ideal permanent solution.

202_cyclist says: (4/11/19 12:06 PM)
Folks-- the Anacostia River clean-up is this Saturday and the river is not going to clean up itself. The event is from 8:30 AM - 12 PM at Anacostia Park at Good Hope Rd. There promises to be plenty of trash for everyone to pick up. We've participated in previous years and it is a great event and a good way to improve the quality of the river.


MalS says: (4/11/19 2:12 PM)
Wow JD! The Canal Park/Yards Park installations look great. The photos really shine and it is fun to see them so big! What a nice surprise and congratulations on a very appropriate showcase for your fabulous work.

walt says: (4/11/19 3:25 PM)
The thing I don't like about all the high-rises, is that the retail chosen seems to just be convenience things for residents of the buildings. Coffee shops, bagel stores, dry cleaners, pet food. These are fine, but there is very little that makes people just want to walk around and look in shop windows. Remember window-shopping? It was fun. Not sure if it was effective or not in getting people to actually buy stuff, but at least it promoted walking around in the neighborhood as a type of entertainment.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/11/19 3:54 PM)
@walt: People window shop via the screens on which which they read this blog. They do a ton of purchasing and find entertainment the same way. It’s 2019. Not likely to find any Make Window Shopping Great Again caps for sale — online or in store windows.

Dan says: (4/11/19 4:15 PM)
CJBabyDaddy be like...

NavyYardNittany says: (4/12/19 1:46 AM)
Build-out has started on the old service shop at the corner of First and K. Do I remember correctly and that’s a new space for the Waterfront church?

jdc says: (4/12/19 7:49 AM)
Yes, a temporary location until the fight over the high-rise is resolved.

walt says: (4/12/19 9:20 AM)
@CJBabyDaddy and @Dan:

dayummm. I am old!

GarfieldPark says: (4/12/19 1:37 PM)
Sign on NJ Ave cab place saying they have officially moved out. More hard hats coming to that location soon?

202_cyclist says: (4/12/19 2:12 PM)
@GarfieldPark-- I prefer to think more port-a-johns but as the kids say, whateves.

Williambill3rd says: (4/13/19 5:33 PM)
Walters Sports Bar tweets that it will open Sunday at 11am.

JSN says: (4/15/19 11:06 AM)
Does anyone know when Dacha is scheduled to open? I went by on Saturday and it looked extremely close.

smitty2k1 says: (4/15/19 1:48 PM)

Does this article actually give any information? I don't think it does...?

RMP says: (4/15/19 2:19 PM)
So on the topic of Brookfield, I overheard some of the Alibi folks grumbling about dealing with terrible Forest City/Bookfield management while I was walking my dog earlier this month. I've also overheard a lot of folks in their buildings are not very happy about the state of management lately. And I can personally testify to having a really really awful experience with the Yards Management office about 6 months ago when it was time for a lease renewal.

I know corporate transitions are never perfectly smooth, but I am concerned to some extent that Brookfield is making life miserable for their residents and retail tenants and it's going to have a ripple effect if something doesn't improve.

Anyone else in their buildings feel that way or am I only talking to people with a bone to pick?

Gamble Rogers says: (4/15/19 8:28 PM)
Congratulations, JD! You well deserve any accolades thrown your way.

(And if the accolades don’t come... well, we’ll get you a slice at Nicoletta.)

For the record: you do a fine job covering the eastern side of NearNavyYardButNOTNavyYardItself. But could we grovel for some walk-through shots of Virginia Avenue Park? My family is stationed overseas and would love to see the park post-CSX.

Hope we can see the then-and-now photos during R&R in July!

JD says: (4/15/19 9:21 PM)
Hey all,

I've been out of town for a few days and so if I've missed anything (other than Walters, I guess), let me know.

@Gamble, there's still fences on the "new" part of Virginia Avenue Park, or at least there were a few weeks ago. Once they've finished the bike path and the fences come down, I'll take pics, unless you get back first. :) link

AT$ says: (4/15/19 9:35 PM)
Anyone have any background on the giant neon blue square that lights up Novel South Capitol? Seems pretty bright. I would be displeased if we lived on the north side of One Hill South.

202_cyclist says: (4/15/19 9:54 PM)
@Gamble Rogers:

During the CSX construction, there were six tons of white bricks/pavers discovered that were brought to the US from England for one of the World Fairs during ththe early 20th century. These are being stored at the VA Ave community garden and I was told they will be utilized in some capacity at the park.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/15/19 11:08 PM)
@smitty2k1: Let’s be nice. We JDLanders are spoiled by our Great Leader And Source Of All ‘Hood Knowledge. WTOP might be late in discovering the Truth, but we should welcome people from all denominations, even WTOP-ter Day Saints.

RMP says: (4/16/19 11:45 AM)
I try not to judge architecture or design too harshly but Novel South Capitol just looks so tacky to me. Not just the lights but the color scheme and interior (at least what you can see from the outside) as well.

It also sounds like it's confirmed that the Guild is not going to have a front desk or concierge on-site. Is this the first building in JDLand to forego this amenity?

JES says: (4/17/19 2:48 PM)
@RMP Novel certainly ain't pretty, but I'm just glad someone went with something that isnt just a crapload of red brick. Way too much boring red brick in this quadrant of the 'hood.

NYP says: (4/17/19 5:44 PM)
Notice to residents of Park Chelsea, there will be ongoing construction at the empty retail unit along the bike door exit on I Street. Message seems to indicate that retail is going in but isn't specific. But does remind people to stop letting their dogs urinate on the column by that exit!

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/17/19 11:37 PM)
Sad the way some people do little to prevent their dogs from turning any/every vertical surface into a toilet.

malatesta says: (4/18/19 7:02 PM)
I've never got any traction with this, because of the persistent pro-dog bias in the neighborhood, but given the negative externalities dog owners foist on the rest of us there ought to be a tax on dog ownership, paid out as a lump sum to dog free households

202_cyclist says: (4/18/19 8:21 PM)
malatesta— I know you said this jokingly but I helped clean up the Anacostia last weekend and as disgusting as plastic bottles and styrofoam are, even worse is the fecal matter that runs into our rivers after it rains because people are too lazy to clean up after their dogs.

JES says: (4/19/19 10:15 AM)
As a dog owner, nothing pisses me off more than other dog owners who don't pick up poop. If you can't or won't pick up poop, you shouldn't have a dog.

JD says: (4/19/19 12:21 PM)

JD says: (4/19/19 12:26 PM)
In on-topic news, BOLO for a new tower crane for the neighborhood, at 250 M/DDOT HQ.

202_cyclist says: (4/19/19 1:32 PM)
JD-- While dogs are clearly the superior pets, I don't think anyone has ever stepped in cat poop while walking around the neighborhood.

202_cyclist says: (4/19/19 1:32 PM)
Excellent news about the tower crane!

202_cyclist says: (4/21/19 11:47 AM)
My wife and I were walking on this fine morning and we noticed there is a nice new park area off of 4th St, next to the Guild, where the WMATA maintenance entrance is located. I will post a couple of photos later this evening.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/21/19 1:45 PM)
@202: Ssshhhh! Damn you!

202_cyclist says: (4/21/19 10:23 PM)
When we were walking along the river today we must have seen two dozen turtles and it looked like the shad were running. This got me to thinking that we should partner with the Anacostia Watershed Society or the Anacostia Riverkeeper to have a river cleanup and then happy hour.

202_cyclist says: (4/22/19 10:03 AM)
Here are some photos of the new public space/park at the end of 4th Street that I mentioned.



jdc says: (4/22/19 1:14 PM)
With build out around Yards Park nearing completion, I wonder if attention will finally turn (back) to Factory 202? JD's page for Factory 202 also has a curious caption for a photo referencing building 74, which will be turned into townhouses. That, too, seems like a long dormant project.

RMP says: (4/22/19 2:18 PM)
Who is responsible for the new block of Water between 4th and 5th? DDOT? Brookfield? My understanding is that Brookfield currently has jurisdiction over those streets, which is why you never see parking tickets for any of the illegally parked cars on 3rd, 4th and Water.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/22/19 7:30 PM)
@RMP: Brookfield retains control of some blocks that have yet to be turned over to DC, and regulates parking on those blocks to accommodate construction. The “No Parking” signs on certain blocks (400 & 500 Tingey, 1300 4th & 5th, for example) were erected by Brookfield and the restrictions are imposed by them until they hand those blocks over. In coordination with DC, ticketing and towing do occur on these blocks when Brookfield finds it necessary to keep things clear for construction. (The electricians who came to install my ceiling fan at the Bower two weeks ago found out the hard way.). I see ticketing on 4th and Water regularly. Not regularly enough for my taste, though. By the way, that was me dancing that jig last week when two cars in front of Philz got booted.

RMP says: (4/22/19 11:28 PM)
@CJBabyDaddy it feels like a treat these days to get to use the crosswalk in front of Ice Cream Jubilee. I've never seen a single car ticketed for parking in the crosswalk, unless you count those "final warning, your license plate has been recorded" stickers that Yards security uses sometimes.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/24/19 4:52 PM)
Hmm. Might be worth it to address your Jubilee crosswalk issue with the ANC Commissioner (who lives mere footsteps away!) and give him a chance to be the hero there.

100CapCaucus says: (4/24/19 5:46 PM)
How do you find out about Anacostia River cleanups? I walked down the boardwalk and it was a side sight in the water. Also, I noticed many of the planks on the boardwalk are loose and coming unscrewed. Feels like a safety hazard.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/24/19 7:29 PM)

A Google search of “Anacostia River” generates links to organizations that sponsor clean-up brigades.

Boardwalk maintenance has included routine periodic replacement of sections of plankery over the years as deemed necessary by the United States Greater Southeast Capitol Riverfront Non-Navy Yard Anacostia Boardwalk Plank Commission — or whoever it is that maintains it. If you’re concerned about an acute safety issue, a call to 311 with specific details would be a commendable act of civic responsibility. Make us all proud.

Westnorth says: (4/25/19 5:50 PM)
Oh WOW! Now that's why you don't just take photos with your phones, kids: someday, someone might come along and want to print them off at billboard size!

JD says: (4/26/19 11:51 AM)
Washingtonian has a preview of Dacha, which is opening next week: link

stacycloyd says: (4/27/19 9:14 PM)
@100CapCaucus, If the loose boards are near Diamond Teague Park, as of a few years ago that area was managed by Coastal Properties Management, Inc. and they were responsive when I contacted them about a maintenance issue.

NavyYardRes says: (4/29/19 11:42 AM)
So is Dacha actually open? Headline says open...text of article says mid-may.

202_cyclist says: (4/29/19 1:29 PM)
I think Dacha looks great but as my wife said, it looks like they combined Studio 54 and a campground.

smitty2k1 says: (4/29/19 4:06 PM)
@NavyYardRes According to article Dacha is opening up the indoor/restaurant area first (Wednesday) and then the outdoor patio later.

GarfieldPark says: (4/29/19 5:25 PM)
Heard that JBG Smith is planning to take over F1rst. Anyone else also hear this?

VelocityChris says: (4/29/19 7:48 PM)
Here's to hoping the Navy Yard Taylor will be one of the 5 that re-opens!


jdc says: (4/30/19 8:53 AM)
That is good news - Taylor seemed like a great lunch offering across the city and in Navy Yard. Here's hoping our location is one of the lucky ones.

JES says: (4/30/19 1:07 PM)
What's the ultimate plan for that parking lot south of the Guild next to the winery? Now that so many buildings are coming online with large underground garages, is that eventually going to go away and be an extension of the park itself? Or become yet another building or retail pavilion? Or will it remain an eyesore parking lot in perpetuity?

NWtoSE says: (4/30/19 2:45 PM)
@JES The current Forest City, now Brookfield, plan is for more residential units over retail for that location. It will be a shorter building than the Guild, to preserve some of those views. I heard condos rather than for rent apartments at one time, but that could likely change. I don't know the phasing schedule, but I don't think there are any public renderings so they may wait until more of 'Yards West' is built out before they develop that parcel.

CJBabyDaddy says: (4/30/19 3:45 PM)
All artist’s renderings on the Cap Riv website of the fully developed Yards quarter show a hypothetical Lot Q residential building on the scale described above. There was recent zoning activity related to a proposal to continue use of the lot for parking for the next five years. Even so, there’s nothing to stop Brookfield from applying in the interim to have it zoned for residential before 2024.

It is noteworthy that none of the Cap Riv SE condo projects are waterfront: Bower, Avidian, eNvy, Velocity (and the new one near it). Compare their locations to the waterside/waterview apartments: Guild, Arris, Lofts, Estate, Dock 79 and Maren.

I’d have thought waterfront condos would be all the rage. Maybe Brookfield is holding all the super prime spots in SE for its apartment projects and offering less attractive SE lots to condo builders. I dunno.

In any event, my wife and I predict that after PN Hoffman sells out the Bower, they will announce the first waterfront condo project in the Yards, which will be named the Monty.

JD says: (4/30/19 10:28 PM)
From WBJ: "The Washington Nationals will build a 35,000-square-foot restaurant and entertainment venue at Nationals Park under a deal approved by the city’s sports and conventions authority." It will be in the empty retail spaces along 1st Street SE (across from the DC Water site) and will "include a restaurant, bar and lounge area, screen wall, performance area and rooftop terrace." Might it be a sportsbook? We Shall See!


RMP says: (5/1/19 8:56 AM)
Isn't it the worst kept secret in town that the Nats Park space and the former Green Turtle in Chinatown are both becoming sports books?

JES says: (5/1/19 10:50 AM)
I actually enjoy sports gambling, and anything that opens up that part of First to get rid of the dead zone that it currently is sounds great to me. But Events DC contributing what's basically taxpayer money to this thing rubs me the wrong way. The Lerners should be able to pay for this themselves.

202_cyclist says: (5/1/19 2:49 PM)
JES- I agree. Morally, I not opposed to gambling but I don't think we should be using public money to support gambling. This is also true for state-managed lotteries.

JD says: (5/1/19 10:21 PM)
According to building permits, it looks like a hair salon is coming to the ground floor of the Harlow.

202_cyclist says: (5/2/19 11:04 AM)
Better than a nail salon or another CVS I suppose...

JES says: (5/2/19 11:34 AM)
There's so much new crap, I had to look up which one was the Harlow, despite walking the dog by it almost daily...

JES says: (5/2/19 11:35 AM)
@202, don't state-managed lotteries pay for themselves though? They generate more than enough in taxes, which I suppose may wind up being true for this place...

jdc says: (5/2/19 3:12 PM)
When did they start using those nice red metal barriers to block Half street for game days? They even have Nationals/Nationals Park on them.

JD says: (5/2/19 9:55 PM)
The BID is kicking off summer with an Ice Cream Social, starting at 6 pm on May 30 at Canal Park. Free ice cream! (well, gelato) Live music! And, uh, some blogger.

JD says: (5/2/19 10:11 PM)
In other news, expect rain on May 30.

202_cyclist says: (5/3/19 9:25 AM)
JD-- the May 30 event sounds like it will be fun. Congratulations on the recognition.

The schedule for this year's Canal Park summer concert series has been posted. We're looking forward to the concerts.


dude says: (5/4/19 5:37 PM)
Has anyone been to Taco City? Is it good?

CJBabyDaddy says: (5/5/19 10:28 AM)
@dude: The answers seem to be “Yes” and “Yes.”

bdj says: (5/5/19 11:44 AM)
@dude - been multiple times and it’s fantastic.

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