Bill and Jacqueline's Excellent Adventure
Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada
April 1, 2000
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The Reception (Continued)
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The bride wanted people to dance at this reception, and dance they did. The sound system was more than passable, the drinks were flowing, and the tunes seemed to meet with everyone's approval, so the last hour of the reception was spent dancing our little feet off. Here is the brutal proof. The photos are dark and a bit blurry, thanks to the mood lighting in the ballroom and the fact that they're stills taken from videotape. But we think in their own fuzzy way they capture the festive mood.

There were a few calm tunes at the beginning for the less adventurous set....
....Then a bit of jitterbugging broke out....
Then all hell broke loose (it's "Shout", if you can't tell). Even the waiters were dancing at this point.

Kenneth and Jenn.
Len and Gilya.
Molly and Gary.

The bride manages a smile.
Careen dances to her beloved "Come On Eileen."
As the last song fades out, the crowd shows its appreciation.

After Madonna's "Ray of Light" faded out, the lights were turned up and our Big Day was over. Or was it? 10 or so hardy souls met a half-hour later to go a'wandering. There were drinks at the Houdini Lounge, then slot machines and blackjack. People peeled off one by one (most had flights home the next day, not to mention it was Daylight Savings Time night and so we lost an hour at 1:59 am). At 4:00 am, Bill, Jacqueline, Brian, Tom, Debbie, Nate, and Michelle finished off the day's activities with breakfast at the Monte Carlo coffee shop. Finally, at 5:00, the bride and groom landed in their room back at Bellagio, utterly exhausted but so, so thrilled at how well everything went.

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