Bill and Jacqueline's Excellent Adventure
Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada
April 1, 2000
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The Reception
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This is what you get for looking at a page that's under construction. No bon mots! (We're waiting on the photos to come from the reception photographer before doing much work on this page.)

The Father of the Bride uses the excuse of making a toast to sneak a stiff belt.
Our masterful Master of Ceremonies, Paul, did a great job herding everyone into their proper positions. Bill grins and bears it as Mike and Jodie, mistaking him for a waiter, ask to see a wine list.

The "Spice Girls" (who all looked suspiciously like Shirley's friends) serenaded the bride with a karaoke version of "If They Could See Her Now."
"Superstar!" After being dragged into the Spice Girls' finale, the bride makes the best of it.

Those Arthur Murray lessons proved of little use, but we had a decent moment or two as we danced our first dance to "Wedding Bell Blues" by the Fifth Dimension ("kisses and hugs won't carry me/'til you marry me, Bill...").
Then it was Jim's turn to show his daughter how it's done, dancing to the bride's song choice of "To Sir With Love".

Next it was Shirley's turn to shine on the dance floor, to "The Way You Look Tonight."
I believe this answers the question of whether we stuffed cake in each other's faces.

Multimedia Interlude:
The Spice Girls
    |    Father/Daughter Dance (Real Video)
Or, read the list of the Songs Played During the Reception

My grandfather loved a big shindig as much as anyone. He didn't live to see this party,
but we didn't want his absence to go unnoticed. We brought my grandmother to the dance floor,
and explained how Granddad's favorite song to dance to was "Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho. We then
asked everyone to bring the little wedding-cake-shaped bubble bottles and blow a few bubbles
in honor of Ray, while "Tiny Bubbles" played. It was a wonderful moment.

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