Bill and Jacqueline's Excellent Adventure
Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada
April 1, 2000
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The Photo Shoot (Conservatory)
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Once the chapel photos were finished, the parents of the bride and groom escaped to the reception while the rest of the group went to the Bellagio's famed conservatory for still more photos. We actually had tourists taking our picture as we roamed through the flower garden, and as you'll see there were also a couple of close calls with other ladies in white.

The Flying V, on the stairs to the old Art Gallery location.

Battle of the brides! (photo by Brian Sheridan)
Lots and lots of flowers, in an Easter motif.
This shot gives an idea of all of the tourists milling around.
(photo by Brian Sheridan)
A bit artsy for our tastes, but it shows the flowers and the pond.
The bride's brother starts wondering how far ahead the Gators are, and if he'll ever get to see any of it.
(photo by Brian Sheridan)

Kissing, always this kissing! The
photographer told the bride to
grab her man, and so she did.

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Photo Shoot (Outside)
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