Bill and Jacqueline's Excellent Adventure
Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada
April 1, 2000


We're nothing if not excessive, so here at this site you're going to find way too much documentation of our wedding. Words, pictures, video, it's all here. But we've set it up to allow you to view only as much as you can stand. So dig in (if you dare!); you can start at the beginning, or click on one of the icons below.

And if you came to the wedding and you have some photographs, we'd love to see them! Throw some copies in the mail, and we'll take care of scanning and posting them!

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Or, if you don't feel like hunting....
Here's links directly to all of the wedding-related pages:

Photo Pages
  • Pre-Vegas Events
  • The Rehearsal
  • The Brew Pub
  • The Rehearsal Dinner
  • The Bridesmaids Luncheon
  • Before The Ceremony
  • The Ceremony
  • Leaving the Ceremony
  • Photo Shoot (Chapel)
  • Photo Shoot (Conservatory)
  • Photo Shoot (Outside)
  • The Reception
  • The Reception (Continued)
  • The Suite
  • The Attendees
  • Wrapping It Up
  • Word Pages
  • Text of the Ceremony
  • Music Played at the Reception
  • Bill's Trip Report
  • Online Guestbook
  • Journal of a
         Tomboy Geek Slacker Bride
  • Old Wedding Page

    Other Stuff
  • Announcement in the Post
  • Video Clips
  • Pronouncement
  • Kissing the Bride
  • The Spice Girls
  • Father/Daughter Dance
    Note: These are RealVideo clips, optimized for a 512K connection. You can try them on a slow connection, but you might want to get a cup of coffee. I decided to go for image quality rather than speed equity.

    Wedding Graphics
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  • Mailings
  • Reception Seating Cards
  • Programs and Favors

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