Day 5: 495 miles | Left Grand Island: 10:25 am (CDT) | Arrived Casper: 6:50 pm (MDT)
Day 6: 187 miles | Left Casper: 11:40 am | Arrived Sheridan: 2:45 pm

Another day, another cemetery: Some of Bill's ancestors were from Grand Island, Nebraska, so we stopped at the cemetery to see the graves.

Central Plains Perk: Just in case you think that futzy caffeinated beverages are only the province of the coasts, we present to you the Coffee Caboose of Nebraska.

Car Barn: Inside the admittedly scary exterior of "Chevyland USA" in Elm Creek, Nebraska, Bill found a dream lineup of classic cars.

Indoor car hops: A&W tries to re-create days gone by--phones at your booth ring at the counter, where they take your order. So what if it's only eight feet away?

There there? Many people would find this picture of western Nebraska to be incredibly boring. JD would not be one of those people.

Moo: See, there's plenty of life out here!

Nightlife: The Sip N' Sizzle in Ogallala, Nebraska. For all your upscale steakhouse needs.

Hot on the trail: If the Trail Ruts golf course had been open when the pioneers were making their way out to Oregon, perhaps Guernsey, Wyoming, would be bigger than it is today.

Cellblock R: The Radisson Hotel in Casper, Wyoming. Not exactly using architecture to evoke the spirit of the Wild West.

Downtown: Downtown Casper nicely evokes a simpler time without being run-down or musty. The fact that it was a glorious summer evening might have helped, however.

Good eats: If you can't find a Perkins, JB's is always available for your heart-attack-inducing breakfast needs.

Tatonka: The Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, Wyoming, very nicely preserved, as is all of Buffalo's main street.

Hidden gem: You've got to know where to look, but if you can get yourself to Story, Wyoming, the Piney Creek General Store is a must-see. The shelves are stocked with not only the basics, but also all the "necessities" for itinerant yuppies and city folk. (Get your Toblerone!)

Salad, anyone?: The place that may be what persuades Bill to move to Wyoming, the Waldorf A'Story, inside the Piney Creek General Store.

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