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Congressional Square
88 K St., SE/77 I St., SE

Square 696 purchased for $64 million in April 2007 by DRI Development Services and Jamestown Properties
Proposed buildings totaling approximately 825,000 square feet of office and retail
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In the Pipeline
One M/10 Van
Yards/Icon Theater
DC Water HQ
Yards/Parcel O
Lynch/Half St.
JBG/Half St.
Capper/Square 769N
2 I Street
1000 South Capitol
25 M
Chiller Site Condos
Yards/Parcel A
1333 M St.
New Douglass Bridge
More Capper Apts.
250 M St.
New Marine Barracks
Nat'l Community Church
Factory 202/Yards
Congressional Square
Park Chelsea ('16)
Yards/Arris ('16)
Hampton Inn ('15)
Southeast Blvd. ('15)
11th St. Bridges ('15)
Parc Riverside ('14)
Twelve12/Yards ('14)
Lumber Shed ('13)
Boilermaker Shops ('13)
Camden South Capitol ('13)
Canal Park ('12)
Capitol Quarter ('12)
225 Virginia/200 I ('12)
Foundry Lofts ('12)
1015 Half Street ('10)
Yards Park ('10)
Velocity Condos ('09)
Teague Park ('09)
909 New Jersey Ave. ('09)
55 M ('09)
100 M ('08)
Onyx ('08)
70/100 I ('08)
Nationals Park ('08)
Seniors Bldg Demo ('07)
400 M ('07)
Douglass Bridge Fix ('07)
US DOT HQ ('07)
20 M ('07)
Capper Seniors 1 ('06)
Capitol Hill Tower ('06)
Courtyard/Marriott ('06)
Marine Barracks ('04)

(Left) A rendering of the southeastern corner of DRI's three-building plan for Square 696, showing the K Street facade, at First Street, where a 10,000-sq-ft public plaza will be built, surrounded by 14,000 sq ft of retail. The building at left is 50 K (a later phase), with first-phase 88 K at right. (Right) 77 I Street, looking west from First (the northeast edge of 88 K is at far left).
A rendering showing the public plaza (and 14,000 square feet of retail space) on K Street just west of First.
The northwestern corner of 1st and K streets, in August 2006; this garage has been in operation under different names for many years. It closed in winter 2008 and was demolished in September of that year. (08/06) Click to see all available photos of this location.
  May 29, 2016 - The same location, in May 2016, with demolition of the last building on the block completed, and with the view surrounding it markedly different. The new building at rear is 70/100 I StreetClick to see all available photos of this location.

Renderings showing the lobbies of 88 K (left) and 77 I (right).
The ground-floor site plan for Square 696. It shows three (or four) buildings, connected via a "galleria"-type central lobby, with ground floor retail. At the south side of the site is the 10,000-sq-ft public plaza.
Square 696 as seen from above New Jersey Avenue, in June 2008. The white-fronted building at lower-center marks the southeastern corner of the lot. The Washington Monument, Rosslyn, and even the National Cathedral are all visible to the northwest. JPI's 70/100 I Street residential development has risen to its north, and 70 I's sibling 909 New Jersey has now snuck into the frame at right. (6/24/08) Click to see all available photos of this location.
Another view of Square 696, this time from the roof of 20 M Street; the white-fronted building at center-right and the parking lot to its left/west make up most of the block. To the north of Square 696 is JPI's 70/100 I Street residential development. Velocity's sales center is the trailer at lower left, and the Phase I Velocity condo construction is now visible at right. (5/6/08)
The northwest corner of the block, at Half and I, in February 2007. (02/07)
April 17, 2016 - The same location, with the A&A Towing Company now gone and with the brush along the fence removed. The Velocity residential project on L Street is the building that's popped up to the right, and 909 New Jersey is at left. Click to see all available photos of this location.
The new advertising sign on First Street. (6/21/08)
The square's northeast corner, at First and I, in July 2005. The firewood lot cleared out in spring 2007. (07/05) Click to see all available photos of this location.
  June 20, 2016 - ... And the same spot, in June 2016, years after the departure of the firewood operation and the streetscape improvements to First and I. Click to see all available photos of this location.
Another view from Half and I, this time showing the block's northern boundary. The south/right side of the street is the northern border of Square 696; across the street to the north is the construction site for JPI's 70/100 I Street residential project. (11/06) Click to see all available photos of this location.
April 17, 2016 - ... And the same spot, in April 2016, long after the streetscape improvements to I Street transformed the view. Click to see all available photos of this location.
The northeast corner of Half and K, home to the A&A Towing Company, in August 2004. (04/08)
April 17, 2016 - ... And the same spot, in April 2016, with A&A Towing gone. The construction at rear is 70/100 I StreetClick to see all available photos of this location.
A closer view of the garage that was home to both Four Star and Merritt Cab companies. (01/06)
The trailer that was the office of A&A Towing, on Half Street between I and K, days after the company left this location for 1620 2nd Street, SW. A few days after this photo was taken, the trailer was gone. (08/07)
In late February 2008, a sign went up on the Merritt Cab garage announcing its impending departure. (3/2/08)
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