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Cushing at L, Looking North
Mar 31, 2007, Looking North
Jan 16, 2011, Looking North
Cushing at L, Looking North-Northeast
Mar 31, 2007, Looking North-Northeast
May 31, 2010, Looking North-Northeast
Cushing at L, Looking Northeast
Apr 28, 2007, Looking Northeast
May 31, 2010, Looking Northeast
Cushing at L, Looking East-Northeast
Aug 21, 2003, Looking East-Northeast
Jul 31, 2011, Looking East-Northeast
Cushing at L, Looking East
Sep 27, 2005, Looking East
Jul 31, 2011, Looking East
Cushing at L, Looking East-Southeast
Jun 28, 2007, Looking East-Southeast
Nov 17, 2008, Looking East-Southeast
Cushing at L, Looking Southeast
Jan 20, 2006, Looking Southeast
Cushing at L, Looking South
Dec 15, 2007, Looking South
Jun 21, 2008, Looking South
Cushing at L, Looking South-Southwest
Apr 14, 2007, Looking South-Southwest
Mar 21, 2009, Looking South-Southwest
Cushing at L, Looking West-Southwest
Apr 14, 2007, Looking West-Southwest
Nov 28, 2009, Looking West-Southwest
Cushing at L, Looking West
Aug 12, 2006, Looking West
Apr 30, 2011, Looking West
Cushing at L, Looking West-Northwest
Mar 31, 2007, Looking West-Northwest
Apr 30, 2011, Looking West-Northwest
Cushing at L, Looking Northwest
Apr 18, 2007, Looking Northwest
Apr 30, 2011, Looking Northwest
Cushing at L, Looking North-Northwest
Apr 14, 2007, Looking North-Northwest
Jan 16, 2011, Looking North-Northwest

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Hints and Caveats:

  • If the most recent photo of a location is more than a few months old, don't panic--the view hasn't changed any.
  • Compass directions are based on the axis of the road itself--directions on diagonal roads (New Jersey, Virginia, and Potomac) will follow the general direction of the street (i.e., New Jersey runs in a generally north-south direction, so "North" is facing toward north-ish, even if it isn't exactly due north).
  • If you're wanting to see photos of a large building under construction, try moving away one block for a wider view.
  • If you're wanting to see mid-block photos, you'll need to browse the intersections on either end of the block.
  • The clickable map and compass has been tested with IE 6+ and Firefox 2.0 -- it may very well behave strangely in older browsers. (If you're using anything older than these, it really is time to upgrade.)
  • This is not anywhere close to a complete archive of my Near Southeast photos; these are just ones that have at some point been posted on the web site. Some intersections and some corners are far better represented than others, depending on what's transpiring.
  • Some photos may be repeated.
  • Sometimes the layout won't be fabulously perfect.
  • If you want to use or purchase one of my photos, go here for more information.

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