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I mention this from time to time, but it's worth bringing up again. Any advertising that you see on JDLand should in no way be construed as any sort of endorsement by me or the site of any product or candidate. My ads are served through Google Ads, and I have no direct contact with any advertisers nor even know what ads readers are necessarily seeing (given Google's high-quality algorithms). Just in case anyone is thinking differently....
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While I officially date the start of my blogging about Near Southeast as being January 2003, that was not when I took my first photos around the neighborhood. In the early fall of 2000, I grabbed a camera (a FILM camera!) and drove south of the freeway, around the neighborhood whose name I didn't know, to take some pictures. I had no plan to do anything with them; in fact, the prints quickly got filed away and I didn't even remember having them until I stumbled across them in 2004. The film I used was bad, so many of the shots barely came out. I don't even know exactly what day it was--judging by the color of the trees, it could be late September or early October. But, despite all of that, the 24 photos I took, now 10 years ago, mark the beginning of my very strange and unexpected odyssey.
I had spent almost no time below the freeway since buying our house on the south side of Capitol Hill in 1995 (the area's reputation and lack of any amenities gave us no reason to). But in 1999 and 2000, the 3rd Street on-ramp for the freeway was being rebuilt, which forced us to drive to South Capitol Street to get on the westbound freeway. We usually crossed over on K Street to New Jersey, and often got a good laugh when we'd see a sign draped on the southeast corner of the intersection touting a new multiunit residential building "steps from the Capitol." "Dear God, who would ever pay big bucks to live down HERE?" I remember saying to Mr. JDLand on more than one occasion. (So much for vision.)
But I was still aware of the changes that were being talked about for the area, along with the first mini-building boom already underway: the construction was almost finished at the Navy Yard to house the NAVSEA operations, and we could see 80 M and 300 M rising up as we drove on the freeway, and I even remember being aware of the streetscape improvements being made to M Street (curbs, bricked medians and crosswalks). So I took a bunch of photos, and promptly forgot about them. And then started the tracking for real in early 2003, this time with a digital camera in hand.
Even though the pictures are pretty cruddy, they're still worth wandering through. Try not to look at the locations, and see if you can figure out where they are; then click on the icon to see what's happened to these spots in the intervening decade.
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GGW sent out the alert this morning that Google has updated its satellite images of DC, giving us the first overhead images of Near Southeast since Spring 2008. I've added this (somewhat washed out) view to my Satellite Images page, where you can compare it to images from Google and other sources from 1949 (!), 1988, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2008. (But you'll also want to visit Google Maps to be able to zoom in on the latest image to get a better view.) Considering that the 2008-10 time frame will be looked back on as the era of the Economic Downtown, there are still plenty of changes to see, including the first phase of Capitol Quarter, the Yards Park and Diamond Teague Park, the construction of the new 11th Street Bridges, and the completion of a number of office and residential buildings north of Nationals Park. (The stadium looks kind of cool from on high as well.) And the lack of schoolbuses at Canal Park!
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I don't know what got my adrenaline flowing to finally do this, since I've known for a long time that digging into the vast pool of JDLand content can be pretty unwieldy, but I've now added a "tag cloud" to the right side of the JDLand home page, beneath the calendar. This now gives readers easy access from the home page to the archive of blog posts on the many projects and topics I've written about over the past not-quite-eight years. I also created a separate Tag Cloud page, plus the cloud appears on the main Blog Archive page (where you can also browse my blog posts by date).
I also did some tinkering with the display of archived blog posts to make it easier to browse from page to page, and to get to my project pages. Plus, I finally added the tags for each blog post to my RSS feed. (The tags have appeared in the "More Posts" spot right under each of my entries on the site for a couple years now.)
I don't suppose anyone has to actually look at the cloud to figure out which topic I've written the most about. I'm now up to 1001 posts on it since the first one on Sept. 21, 2004. (Of course, about 400 of those are some variation of "Here are the latest photos I've taken of the construction....")
I won't pretend that my blog tagging has been 100 percent fabulous over the years, and I do tend to err on the side of overtagging posts rather than undertagging (how unlike me!), but I'm digging through the archive in fits and starts to clean it up, and to add new tags as well. The blog is searchable as well, of course, if you still can't find what you're looking for.
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Just posted on the blog at is an interview I recently did with them about my blog and about the current state of Near Southeast/Capitol Riverfront/Navy Yard/Ballpark District/NatsTown/That Area South of the Freeway. There's probably not anything in it that will stun the regular readers of JDLand, but it might be worth a moment or two of your time as you try to come up with ways to fritter away the final days of summer....
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Aug 13, 2010 12:37 PM
Hasn't been much swirling around lately worthy of a full blog post, but here are a couple items so that people don't think I've shut down (though most of them have already been seen on my Twitter feed, aka the "I'm Too Lazy to Blog" feed):
* The light tower at the Yards Park is being installed today, about four weeks in advance of the scheduled grand opening on Sept. 10. I hope to have pictures at some point.
* Greater Greater Washington reports that MPD fanned out around Nationals Park on Wednesday night, ticketing drivers and pedestrians and handing out flyers on safety. GGW also brings up the public meeting held by Tommy Wells back in March about the notion of reworking M Street under the "Complete Streets" principles of creating road networks that work for pedestrians young and old, cyclists, public transportation users, and drivers. by doing things such as adding dedicated bike lanes, creating safer crosswalks, etc. At that meeting, residents of Southwest were unimpressed with the possibilities, but the few Southeast residents in attendance seemed more open to it.
UPDATE: TBD reports that the truck driver in last week's incident is not being cited.
* The Post did a video feature on Hoopernatural, the hula hooping fitness outfit. They are running classes for mixed-levels of hoopiness during August at Canal Park, on Saturday mornings from 10 to 11 am.
* The Capitol Riverfront BID is running a survey to get feedback from residents, workers, and visitors on the types of events the BID holds (concerts, outdoor movies, farmers' market, etc.). Let your feelings be known here.
* While my griping about the bad signage on the SW Freeway (highlighted again by the Post on Thursday) is technically out-of-boundaries, it is on topic to also mention to DDOT that the various blue "services" signs for the South Capitol Street exits on I-395 probably need to get rid of the gas station icons, since the days of having three gas stations right on South Capitol and two within a few blocks to the east are long gone. (But @DDOTDC has put me in a time out after Thursday's flurry of transit-related tweets, which also included this good suggestion from a reader about the need for a left-turn signal on northbound Third Street, SE at Virginia Avenue, for people needing to get onto I-395 southbound.)
* And I stumbled across this study by the New America Foundation about "online-only" news outlets in DC. It counted 61 of them, noting that the "city's oldest local blogs that still command an audience began to spring up in 2003," with JDLand being one of the "original few," thanks to my January 2003 vintage. The piece looks at DCist, GGW, Prince of Petworth, And Now Anacostia, and TBD (though it hadn't yet launched), along with a few nice words about this site. But I have been thinking a lot lately about how I'm an old lady compared to the rest of the DC neighborhood blogosphere, and this article (coming on the heels of my [redacted] birthday) certainly reminded me of it. :-)

Jul 6, 2010 9:45 PM
Without really intending it, the long holiday weekend combined with a dearth of neighborhood news and some stuff going on in real life is turning into a bit of a blogging break for me, and I've decided to extend it through the end of this week. If there's big news I'll pop back up, of course, but we're also now into the annual Summer Slowdown, so there probably won't be much to write about, anyway. (There might be a Tweet or two from me, as events warrant.)
You can use this post as an open thread to talk about anything Near Southeast-related that's on your mind.
In the meantime, here's a link to the Save Virginia Avenue Park video that was recently produced. And the latest BID newsletter.
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Apr 26, 2010 11:44 PM
First, two event notices/reminders for Tuesday (April 27):
*At 10:45 am, Mayor Fenty and others will be participating in a ribbon-cutting at Diamond Teague Park and Piers. I won't be able to be there, so go see for yourself if you're interested!
* At 6:30 pm is the ANC 6D meeting on the ballpark Traffic Operations and Parking Plan, at Westminster Church at Fourth and I streets, SW.
Now, on another subject.
I admit it--I've become very lazy when it comes to blogging about stories/links/events that might be of interest but that don't really have any *news,* especially as the volume of them has increased along with the interest in Near Southeast. Twitter is the perfect outlet for those sorts of items--it's easy to post them immediately (since I'm all about the speed), and I'm only responsible for 100 or so characters, then the URL, then I'm done. (Or, even better, I get to just retweet stuff from other Twitterers.) Plus it allows me to save my time and energy for more fascinating {ahem} material, like the Marine Barracks site search or the latest CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel stuff.
But, if you're only reading my posts by RSS feed or e-mail subscription, then you're missing out. How to get this additional material? If you don't have a Twitter account, you can come to the JDLand home page and check out the Twitter box at upper right every so often. Or you can visit my Twitter page on your rounds, or you can "like" JDLand on Facebook and have the Tweets show up in your news feed. Or you can subscribe to my Tweet RSS feed if immediacy isn't of paramount importance.
I've actually posted similar mea culpas to this one before (the last one not even a month ago--oops!), but let's consider this time the official notification of the change in my approach. Of course the blog will always have big news, new photos, and whatnot. But as I try to find ways to keep going after more than seven years, I'm going to stop feeling quite so guilty about using only Twitter for these FYI links, even if it makes the blog itself less of the all-encompassing repository it's been up to now.
Thank you, drive through.
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Feb 5, 2010 3:50 PM
I don't intend to do much blogging over the next few days as the Blizzard of 2010 ramps up--there's only about 18,000 other places around the web where you can get all the general DC news, and I figure I don't need to repeat all of it here, though here's a Tommy Wells post with things residents might need to know. (I do operate under the assumption that this is not the only blog you folks read.) If there's some Near Southeast-related news, of course, I'll post.
But feel free to chat in the comments about what you're seeing. CVS running out of supplies? Traffic-be-damned sledding down the neighborhood's biggest hill (M from Seventh to Fifth)?
In the meantime, I'm in my own person Snow Tracking Center, living a weather geek's dream weekend.
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Jan 19, 2010 1:22 PM
It's become a tradition for me to do a yearly overview of what's happened in Near Southeast over the preceding 12 months, and what the next 12 months are looking like, and in my typically understated way, I've dubbed it "the State of the Hood." This year's missive is now posted, and while the expectation would be that 2009 was a whole lot of nothing, there were more milestones of note than perhaps it seemed--two residential buildings and one office building were finished, the first residents moved into Capitol Quarter, water taxis and Circulators arrived, Cornercopia opened, and work began on the new 11th Street Bridges. There were less auspicious events, too, with construction being halted on two projects, foreclosures hitting various commercial properties and private homes, and the drying up of the "development pipeline." But there's still a few new things coming in 2010, like the Park at the Yards and Justin's Cafe.
Whether you're new to the neighborhood, or an old hand, I hope you'll take a few minutes to plow through the whole thing. (And maybe even read the old ones, too, to relive the insane years of 2006, 2007, and 2008.)
As part of putting the SOTH together, I got the updated residential occupancy numbers from the BID--they say that nearly 2,800 people now live in the "Capitol Riverfront." Here's the breakdown of leasing/sales percentages for the multi-unit buildings:
Onyx 95.5% leased, 94% occupied (250 of 266 units occupied)
Axiom 91% leased, 89% occupied (219 of 246)
Jefferson 77% leased, 76% occupied (340 of 448)
909 New Jersey 82% leased, 75% occupied (178 of 237)
400 M 100% leased and occupied (138 of 138)
Condos and Co-ops
Capitol Hill Tower (Co-op) 83% sold and occupied (285 of 344)
Velocity 32% sold, 8% occupied (16 of 200)
Capitol Quarter

82% sold, 28% occupied (32 of 113)
(ownership units, 56 still under construction)
(Note that Capitol Quarter's numbers are a little behind the others, so these are higher now as the move-ins continue)
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Jan 19, 2010 7:59 AM
I'm starting to feel like the aged relative pulling out the slide projector and retelling stories as the kids roll their eyes, but I do always feel the need to stop and recognize January 19, since it was on this date in 2003 that I forced my husband to drive around the neighborhood south of the Southeast Freeway while I snapped photos (crooked and poorly framed) of this little-known neighborhood that supposedly was starting to be targeted for redevelopment. Then I tossed them up on my personal web site mainly so that my parents could check them out, not ever imagining that it was the first step toward creating the obsessive-compulsive monstrosity that now rules my life.
Definitely take a moment to browse through the photos from that chilly Sunday seven years ago, to see the buildings that are gone as well as some that are still here (hello, trash transfer station!). Enough time has passed that some of the vistas--like this one of the boarded up rowhouses that stood until 2006 where the lobby of 909 New Jersey now sits--are now completely alien to the many new residents who have arrived in Near Southeast in the last two years. These photos also bring home what I feel is as important a part of as the never-ending stream of tiny tidbits of news, and that's the keeping alive of the history of this neighborhood, letting newcomers see what their surroundings looked like not all that long ago, before the city decided it was time for the area to get a makeover and before it was even considered a remote possibility that the Montreal Expos would be brought to DC and be given a shiny new stadium on South Capitol Street.
This anniversary is also always a good time to thank all of you who wander by and read my ramblings and look at my photos, and who send along tips and rumors, because there's no way I'd still be keeping the site going if I didn't feel the energy coming back from the folks who live and work in Near Southeast or who just find its redevelopment oddly fascinating. I will admit that much of 2009 was tough for me as I dealt with a persistent bout of flagging enthusiasm, but I feel like the doldrums have finally passed, and hope to keep chugging along for the foreseeable future.
Check back later today for my other January 19 ritual: the State of the Hood!
(Note to Mom and Dad: See, I told you that ditching journalism school and getting my degree in history would work out okay.)
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Jan 15, 2010 2:37 PM
The WeLoveDC blog is highlighting Near Southeast today in its Where We Live series, and gives a pretty good overview of the history and current state of the neighborhood, which I would say even if they weren't quoting me and saying all sorts of nice things about JDLand!
(And, as an aside, "Near Southeast" and the "Capitol Riverfront" are actually slightly different areas, with Near Southeast being a subset of "the Front." The BID's boundaries include Buzzard Point in Southwest, an area just past my western borderline, the South Capitol Street median. My firm desire to *not* expand my zone keeps me tied to "Near Southeast" as my coverage area.)
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Jan 1, 2010 1:08 PM
I rang out 2009 with a sudden burst of creativity, and so am welcoming 2010 with another tweak of the JDLand home page design.
Featured ProjectsFirst and foremost, I've brought back a map to the main screen (a much smaller and less cluttered one), highlighting projects currently in progress. I was sick of the old one, but found I just couldn't live without *some* sort of map offering in this spot. Hopefully this one suffices.
Next, I added a box called "This Date in (Recent) Near Southeast History," which will dig into the archives every day and show links to blog entries and random photos since 2003. (The photos aren't marked with their location, so for the early ones it'll be a fun guessing game.)
There's also a peppier version of my "Rearview Mirror," with links to the Photo Archive, the Demolished Buildings gallery, historic photos and maps, and more.
And I've finally taken the plunge into Google Maps mashups, with two new offerings. On the home page, under the DC Government Data Feeds, there's a mini-map marking the location of neighborhood crime incidents over the past 30 days. Beneath that is a link to a new interactive map showing all crime incidents from 2005 to the present, with a table breaking out the different types of crimes so that you can filter the map by year or offense or both. (The incidents, which all come from the city's data feed, are then listed beneath the map if you prefer the old-school table format.)
And there's also some slight changes to the general design and color choices, plus some cleanup of the offerings in the "General Links" box at the bottom right of the page, and a box for "Recent Updates/Additions" which I added mainly to do *something* with all the white space around the ad beneath the first blog post.
So, Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope you like the updates.
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Dec 22, 2009 9:37 AM
Just a quick post to say that I'm still here, but with the snow and the holidays converging, I'm not expecting much news over the next few weeks. I'll post big news if it happens, of course, but otherwise I'll be taking it easy here on the blog. I'll tweet little things as they come along (like the great Tommy Wells Snowpocalyse interview outside the Tune Inn with City Paper on Saturday night), so if you're not already following my Twitter feed, now would be a good time, either via Twitter itself or by becoming a fan of on Facebook (where my Twitter updates will then automatically appear in your Facebook news feed).
I will note that the crime reports show a bit of an uptick over the past few days--be sure not to leave stuff in your car....
Happy Holidays to everyone!
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Oct 12, 2009 3:55 PM
* Tomorrow (Oct. 13), WASA is having a public meeting on their $2.1 billion Long-Term Control Plan to handle the pollution and flooding problems from the city's combined sewer system. It's from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Southeast Library at 403 Seventh St., SE (directly across from the Eastern Market Metro station.) Here's the meeting flyer. (Thanks to reader S. for passing this along.)
* We had a good session on the Kojo Nnamdi Show today about blogging, development, and transportation in the DC area; they've posted the audio if you want to check it out. It was also great to finally meet David Alpert and Michael Perkins after years of only "knowing" them electronically. And Kojo may have given JDLand a new tagline--"Jacqueline Dupree, letting facts get in the way of a good argument."
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Oct 9, 2009 2:45 PM
Just a heads up for folks who will still be in town on Monday (a holiday for SOME people) that I'm going to be on the Kojo Nnamdi Show (WAMU 88.5 FM) from noon to 1 pm, talking about development, transportation, and the blogging thereof, alongside David Alpert of Greater Greater Washington and Michael Perkins of (and GGW, too). Call in or e-mail your questions! If you can't catch the broadcast live, it should be posted online afterwards. (Here's the link to the specific page about the segment.)
Kojo's doing a series of roundtables with local bloggers, including this one in June with Prince of Petworth, Frozen Tropics, and others, and in August with three Ward 8 bloggers.
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Sep 18, 2009 4:46 PM
If you're actually reading this post on the JDLand home page rather than in your feeds or via e-mail, you're probably noticing that the home page looks a little different this afternoon. After many months (years!) of trying to figure out how to make it not quite so much of an assault on the senses, I finally decided that it's time to move the big ole' development map off the home page.
It was important to have the map back when almost no one had a familiarity with this strange neighborhood known as Near Southeast, but now that the pace of change has slowed considerably, I think it's less necessary to be smacked with that graphic every time one visits the site. You can still reach the map and the tabs with the various projects broken out by type by clicking on the DC-with-an-arrow icon at right; and I've listed a few "Active Projects" to allow quick access to developments that are currently underway or of high interest.
Getting rid of the map also allowed me to make the blog part of the home page much wider, with bigger type, and I think everyone will agree it's now far easier to read. Plus, the Events Calendar is now "above the fold" (as we say in the newspaper biz). I was also able to enlarge the random before-and-after photos that appear at the top of the page, too, which I think is a nice change.
I know some people will be unhappy about the relegation of the map to inside-the-site status, but I do think that, for the next little while, this is a better way to go. As I'm nearing the end of my seventh year running this site, I've got to do *something* to make it fresh to my eyes every so often!
(And you guys even get a bigger box to type your comments in. Everyone's a winner.)
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Jul 21, 2009 6:40 PM
Those of you who actually visit the site to read my blog (rather than using RSS or e-mail) may have noticed a little addition late last week: the "More Posts" links at the bottom of each entry. These take you to all previous blog posts about a certain subject/development/location--it was possible to get to these lists by going to the project pages and clicking on the "News" tabs, but there are some subjects (like Cornercopia or the Little Red Building or the inauguration) that don't really have a project page but where people might want to easily browse past posts. You'll also find these categories (and there's a boatload of them) on my Blog Archive page.
I haven't yet added them to my RSS feed--because I'm lazy.

Jul 8, 2009 12:11 PM
I'm not really sure how useful this will end up being, but I was in a proof-of-concept mood yesterday and created a Transit Options in Near Southeast page, taking advantage of the new and existing live status options for Metrorail, Circulator, and Metrobus. You'll see boxes displaying the next trains at the Navy Yard station, the next Circulator arriving at New Jersey and M (though I'm not sure how handy this one is--aren't there pretty much always buses sitting there?), and the upcoming Metrobuses arriving at New Jersey and M.
There's also links to the live status updates for all the Circulator stops in Near Southeast and all the Metrobuses that run through the neighborhood (including the ones that stop at South Capitol and M). I even added links to the timetables to the two Maryland Transit Authority commuter buses that stop near the Navy Yard.
There's also a lightweight mobile version, if you're so inclined. The link to the full page is now at the top of the JDLand home page ("Bus/Rail Info") and in the right margin on the interior pages.
UPDATE: Thanks to the idea from commenter JT, you can now also click on the little tiny "M"s (if your eyes are good enough to see them!) on the map at right to get to the transit page.
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May 18, 2009 4:55 PM
When I first started taking photos of Near Southeast more than six years ago, I had no grand plan. Every few months, I went out and snapped a few shots here or there, rarely ever even getting out of the car. As time went on and development projects got underway, I found a methodology that worked for me--stand on each corner of an intersection and in the crosswalks, and take the same angles. This allowed me to build the automated displays of before-and-afters, where I'd pick the best of the "before" angles of a certain location (even if that photo wasn't necessarily the oldest one in my collection showing that angle) and then focus on replicating that angle as construction progressed.
This was all well and good to watch buildings go up, but it hasn't really done the job of being a full archive of all of the photographs I have of the 150-plus buildings that have been demolished since 2003. So, this weekend, I did a lot of work (a *lot* of work) to redesign my online photo archive to make room for close to 700 additional old photos from all parts of the neighborhood, allowing them to now be displayed without messing up the official "paired" before-and-afters that you see on the home page and throughout the site.
Many of these images aren't prize-winners--a lot were shot haphazardly, often through a dirty windshield or into bad light, with an old-model point-and-shoot digital camera (since I didn't take the plunge and get a digital SLR until early 2006). But, with more people arriving in the "new" Near Southeast who may not really know what it looked like only a few years ago, I felt it was important to make as many of these old shots available as I could.
A large number of these newly added images were taken "mid-block", showing angles and buildings that have not been well represented up to now. And I think some of these photos will be of interest the people moving into Capitol Quarter, giving them a better chance at seeing what their lot looked like when the Capper/Carrollsburg buildings were still standing. The images of many of the old nightclubs and hangouts may also be of interest to old-timers. (And Nats fans might get a kick out of the additional photos of the area just north of the main entrance to the stadium.)
To make the archive easier to use, I've redesigned its main browsing interface, giving a couple different methods of entry to the additional photos. You can click on the map as before, which will take you right to the "paired" before and afters for all angles of an intersection; using the See All Photos of This Angle icon will then reveal the complete set of photos for a particular angle, including images taken further along "inside" a block. But you can now also search by year or month or date, or by a combination of dates and locations, to better hone in on what you're trying to find. So, if you want to see all photos I've posted from May 2003, it's now much easier to do. (Though, if you're looking for mid-block images, you may need to "approach" your location of interest from the intersections on both sides to be sure you're seeing all the available photos. Knowing your geography and having a good sense of direction will be a big help!)
There's probably still a bit of tweaking (I see a few of the official paired before-and-afters have gotten broken and need some back-end tweaking, and I still need to plow through 2006 and into 2007 to add more photos of the buildings that were demolished more recently), but hopefully having these photos included will be a welcome addition, if not now then as the years pass and the old Near Southeast fades from many peoples' memories.
So, spend some time wandering through it all, and see what captures your eye.
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