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These days I'm generally the last person laying eyes on something new in the neighborhood, but I still find it necessary to conduct photo documentation when the calendar and forecast align. Which they did on Sunday.
Let's look at signs and entrances, starting first at F1rst and its Residence Inn, where it looks like the homestretch has been entered (click to enlarge, of course):
Then, let's go over to 4th Street, where the District Winery building continues to zip along. It's also where the Bower is now signed, as is Conte's space in Arris:
Then we'll double back westward (you're getting a sense for how far I walk on these excursions), taking a look at the new sidewalk on New Jersey Avenue in front of Insignia on M. Shake Shack's signage at the Homewood Suites, and the One Hill South entrance (very New York, isn't it). (I caught the Bethesda Bagels signage back in December, just in case you think I'm missing it.)
I even caught the view from the bridge of the new Bardo beer garden at Florida Rock, with a few hardy souls in attendance. Plus, views of both Agora on New Jersey Avenue (aka the Whole Foods Building) and 1221 Van (aka That Big Building On South Capitol Immediately North of the Ballpark):
All the links above to project pages have additional brand spanking new pics, and of course Before photos.
Next up, checking out holes in the ground, both current and coming soon.
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Jaybird says: (2/28/17 6:22 AM)

I walked your hood the other day. Great to see the dog park so close to Nats Park.

Is that a permanent thing?

Chaifetz10 says: (2/28/17 7:32 AM)
The dog park and volleyball courts are only temporary until 25 Potomac Ave SE is built. They'll stick around for another year or two, but only until construction begins. JD's article here: link

fakt says: (2/28/17 7:42 AM)
Love the progress in the neighborhood! Many of these new (and existing) businesses are supporting the Van Ness fundraiser on March 11, 6 PM at Arris! District Winery will be doing a tasting and others have donated auction items - Orangetheory Fitness, Slipstream, Chopt, Chipotle, Bardo, Jos. A. Magnus distillery (at the Wharf), and many more! Food, drinks and fun for the community (this isn't a kids event or for VN families only!):

jdc says: (2/28/17 9:29 AM)
I may have said this before, but the seemingly large setback for Insignia on M makes the lack of any setback for ORE even more glaring.

AT$ says: (2/28/17 9:41 AM)
Shake Shack is hiring! This is really happening people!! Forget the summer beach bod...I hope they have a rewards card.


malatesta says: (2/28/17 10:40 AM)
Agree about the aesthetics of the ORE (lack of) setback, but as a public health matter, we probably don't want a ton of people hanging out that close to the freeway.

NavyYardRes says: (2/28/17 10:49 AM)
I guess we still have no update on Whole Foods? I might have heard a rumor that the train tunnel construction is keeping them from final build out?

RMP says: (2/28/17 11:18 AM)
Awesome shots. Now what are the Las Vegas odds that the Bower actually starts sales during "Spring 2017"? They had the old "Sales 2016" sign up for several weeks into 2017...

NavyYahd says: (2/28/17 12:01 PM)
Is there any neighborhood/DC Gov effort underway to deal with the pet waste left on the side of the neighborhood streets? Particularly, across from 70 and 100 Capital Yards? I've started avoiding walking on that stretch of I st, by the parking lot.

I understand there's no good solution for urine, but some enforcement for those not picking up solid waste would be appreciated, it's like a minefield over there.

JD says: (2/28/17 7:17 PM)
I asked WC Smith and they say they expect to turn the space over to Whole Foods on June 1. Then maybe 6-9 months for construction, unless there's issues, yada yada. So, probably early 2018.

snakegriffin says: (3/1/17 12:27 AM)
What's up with all the chopper traffic this late? The speech has been over for quite awhile now. It's becoming... disruptive, to say the least. Quite loud over here in the Arris.

202_cyclist says: (3/1/17 10:46 AM)

I'm not one of the black helicopter conspiracy theorists but it does seem like there has been more helicopter activity over/around the greater JD Land area during the past 1 - 2 months.

SayWhat says: (3/1/17 10:53 AM)
Why didn't One Hill South (28 k st) build all the way out to south cap st? Is there something else being planned for that lot?

walt says: (3/1/17 1:11 PM)
Completely agree with increased helicopter flights. Every time they fly over, my TV goes out (using aerial antenna)

jdc says: (3/1/17 2:53 PM)
That has got to be some of the weirdest landscaping around Insignia on M.

SWag says: (3/1/17 4:53 PM)
@ SayWhat

Square 697N Phase 2

Project Type

A planned residential building to go with the under-construction 909 Half Street. No timeline.

Project Page

SayWhat says: (3/1/17 7:24 PM)
@ SWag thanks!!

Westnorth says: (3/2/17 6:20 PM)
Nothing in the latest Forest City earnings call relevant to either JDLand or SWill. Besides, I guess, that the Yards retail space won't be sold off with the NYC street-retail portfolio.

RMP says: (3/2/17 8:32 PM)
I've noticed the occasional low rumble in my apartment in the evenings. I'm not sure if it's from helicopters or if one of my neighbors purchased a subwoofer, but it's definitely been noticeable only in the last month or so.

202_cyclist says: (3/2/17 8:46 PM)
There is another construction trailer at the lot across the street from Il Parco.

JD says: (3/4/17 10:50 PM)
I know earlier this week I promised a batch of photos, but my plans made a bit of a turn when Mr. JDLand took up residence at Sibley on Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday. He's now home, thanks two nerve blocks and one steroid injection, but I'm going to be off-kilter for smidge longer.

202_cyclist says: (3/5/17 6:43 AM)
Our thoughts are with Mr. JD Land.

202_cyclist says: (3/5/17 6:45 AM)
One update-- there are even more construction trailers now at the lot across the street from Il Parco.

FromTheTurret says: (3/6/17 10:46 AM)
I would personally like to thank 202_cyclist for her/his great eye in following unfolding and ongoing story of trailers across from Il Parco. Quite the impressive sleuthing ;)

SWag says: (3/6/17 3:21 PM)
the pace of digging at the old McDonald's (had a farm) lot is impressive...

JES says: (3/6/17 3:58 PM)
DACHA: link


conngs0 says: (3/6/17 4:28 PM)
Even better news is that the Brig is opening soon (if it hasn't opened already)!

Shogungts says: (3/6/17 8:19 PM)
Thanks for sharing JES!

Wow, the options for good beer/settings in the area are going to be awesome!

202_cyclist says: (3/7/17 6:10 AM)

Well, it just keeps getting more exciting at that lot. There was site prep work there yesterday.

malatesta says: (3/7/17 8:38 AM)
Every time we've walked by the 769N lot, I comment to my wife about the new trailers, etc, and she's always "that's nice honey".... So I feel you, 202, I feel you.

jdc says: (3/7/17 10:29 AM)
Who would want to pay the prices that Dock 79 commands and have a beer garden right underfoot? No thanks.

SWag says: (3/7/17 10:32 AM)
so a bowling alley, a movie theater, an MLB stadium, tons of restaurants - along the water - but it's not an entertainment district. got it

dcgent says: (3/7/17 10:38 AM)
Uh jdc, i suspect the majority of folks at Dock 79 love having a beer garden next door--it's a lot quieter and less expensive than the stadium across the street (and I like the Nats). They also are on top of 2 or 3 restaurants. Bardo coexisted with residents' homes right behind it for a few years--maybe there were problems but I had heard of none.

202_cyclist says: (3/7/17 10:38 AM)
@malatesta -- strange, I seem to get the same response from my wife.

202_cyclist says: (3/7/17 10:40 AM)

I understand your concern but I don't think too many people who move to Dock 79 are expecting a quiet, bucolic, location

jdc says: (3/7/17 10:55 AM)
maybe it's just me. I suspect I am more of a 'wharf' resident than Dock 79, ie I'd want a bucolic, quiet setting overlooking the water.

JES says: (3/7/17 11:41 AM)
Bardo is kind of far from Dock 79.... far enough that I'd imagine the noise doesn't carry into the units (unless they had a live band or something going). Regarding Dacha, it seems like it'll be more of an indoor place than their Shaw location, with a seasonal outdoor beergarden... in other words, a patio... which there are a ton of in the area already, some just below residential units. I'm sure it'll work out fine.

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