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* The first sit-down restaurant at the F1rst development has been reported by WBJ: Declaration, a 3,500-square-foot restaurant from the Presidential Restaurant Group, which is Lincoln and Teddy & the Bully Bar as well as the first Declaration at 8th and V NW. WBJ says that it will be in the ground floor of the Residence Inn next door to the actual F1rst apartment building, and will have entrances from both the street and the hotel lobby. It also will apparently "be significantly larger and therefore offer a broader menu" than the V Street location, including "Philadelphia-oriented menu items." This location "aims to open by the end of 2017." It joins the previously announced F1rst lineup of Taylor Gourmet, Chop't, Rasa Indian Grill, Chipotle, and Roti.
* Also reported by WBJ, Cava Grill has signed a lease to open in the Homewood Suites on the northeast corner of Half and M, SE, which expectant taste buds may also know as the location-to-be for Shake Shack.
* Bardo says that its new riverfront brewery location on Potomac Avenue across from Nats Park "will open sporadically" between now and April, based on the weather, on a weekend-by-weekend basis.
My food map shows the full lineup of offerings, both open and announced. In addition to the coming-soons mentioned above, 2017 should see the opening of The Salt Line, All-Purpose, Bethesda Bagels, Slipstream, the Juice Laundry, and District Winery.
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202_cyclist says: (2/17/17 1:11 PM)
Thank you for the updates.

For what it's worth, this morning there was quite a few construction workers in the ally between the vacant lot on 1st and K St and the taxi company and charter school (no grizzly bear sightings, however).

jdc says: (2/17/17 4:03 PM)
I am So excited. Especially for Juice Laundry. Their food offerings look delicious.

BEP says: (2/17/17 4:28 PM)
Doesn't Shake Shack and Cava Grill count as upcoming 2017 openings? :-)

JD says: (2/17/17 4:33 PM)

"In addition to the coming-soons mentioned above, 2017 should see the opening of..."

snakegriffin says: (2/17/17 4:36 PM)
All of these new restaurants are going to make us regret moving to Brookland next month :( We'll be back aplenty for Nats games and Friday night concerts and the like, but we will miss the neighborhood!

malatesta says: (2/18/17 9:05 AM)
It looks like the Bardo soft open starts this afternoon at 1pm. I'm planning on checking it out today or tomorrow.

202_cyclist says: (2/18/17 3:09 PM)
FWIW-- we did the Bluejacket brewery tour yesterday evening. I recommend this if you haven't participated already. It was a fun evening with some delicious food and, of course, great beer.

malatesta says: (2/19/17 2:39 PM)
Bardo review (we went around 3pm yesterday):

Nice space, especially if post-apocalyptic redneck chic is your thing. The beer was somewhere between disappointing and terrible though. Seemed undercarbonated and a bit too warm, so that could be largely early kinks in their system that need to be worked out (and or new staff that need more training.) I'll go back again in a few weeks to see if things have improved.

snakegriffin says: (2/19/17 5:27 PM)
Yeah I sampled a few brews today, and it tastes like they opened a little too soon, although I guess that's what you'd expect from a soft opening. Cool space, and I expect they'll have everything together by the time Opening Day rolls around. Good addition, I think.

RMP says: (2/20/17 10:27 AM)
I'm kind of fascinated by how quickly the McDonald's site went from an empty building (Thursday) to a pile of rubble (Friday) to an empty lot (Monday).

Ampersand says: (2/20/17 11:30 AM)
Re: Bardo beer - I used to live near the east end of H St NE, and based on my visits to the original location, they are simply not very consistent at brewing beer. I'd call it hit-and-miss, but it's more like miss-and-miss-and-glancing-blow-and-miss. Oh well, maybe it'll get better?

202_cyclist says: (2/20/17 7:36 PM)
There is a piece of construction equipment, maybe a soil testing machine, on the Congressional Square lot.

kalicki says: (2/21/17 10:08 AM)
They started breaking the concrete at the Fairgrounds lot today, finally.

202_cyclist says: (2/21/17 10:38 AM)
And there is pile-driving at the McDonalds lot, so if you ever find yourself having a hang-over, good luck with that.

RMP says: (2/21/17 11:45 AM)
Heard through the grapevine that DCRA moved the building permit data to a new server, and there is some bureaucratic paperwork that needs to happen before it's re-linked to the open data portal.

BEP says: (2/21/17 11:57 AM)
Oops...Sorry...I read it wrong... :-(

jdc says: (2/21/17 1:21 PM)
They paved over that little Alleyway between the empty parcel on 1st Street and the auto repair business. They put in concrete and they did a nice job so it looks like this is going to be semi-permanent and not just for construction. Also does anyone know what is up with Ann's Beauty Supply & wigs? Is the business still running? It looks like it may finally have gone out of business.

Ampersand says: (2/22/17 10:30 AM)
I was returning home at 11:15 last night and came across quite a strange sight in Canal Park: A car parked next to the metal coil sculpture at the north end of the park. It had also hit a sapling and knocked it askew. There was a police car idling on the street next to it, but I didn't see any other related activity, and the car was gone this morning. Very weird, though. I don't know how someone could get there without purposefully trying to.

Also, yes it had MD plates. Just for fun I looked the plate number up in the DC ticketing system and sure enough the car has $640 of unpaid speeding tickets. Seems like a nice, responsible driver.

BLT says: (2/22/17 11:11 AM)
Shake Shack signage is going up today!

jdc says: (2/22/17 12:21 PM)
I am surprised that the signage is going up now. Usually that is the last, or one of the last, things to happen. Sometimes it even happens once a place has had its soft opening. Though, I wonder if putting the signage up early is a nice way to get everyone excited for what comes next. It works for me!

JD says: (2/22/17 1:56 PM)
A reader on Twitter provided the Shake Shack evidence.

202_cyclist says: (2/22/17 7:09 PM)
The lot at 3rd and L St, across from Il Parco, now has Bozzuto signs along the perimeter.

dude says: (2/23/17 8:46 AM)
@Ampersand MD drivers...

jdc says: (2/23/17 10:05 AM)
Shake Shack has a similar sign facing M street.

202_cyclist says: (2/23/17 10:32 AM)
Congressional Square update:

The soil testing machine was back on this property this morning and this time was on the other side of the lot (i.e. across from the One Hill South building).

JD says: (2/23/17 10:34 AM)
I think soil boring updates are not all that necessary. We know the site changed hands, we know that the new owners are planning a different development, so there's going to be borings. It isn't really that important, and has no real bearings on a construction timeline....

conngs0 says: (2/23/17 1:29 PM)
But don't soil borings mean that tower cranes are nigh?!

JD says: (2/23/17 1:31 PM)
Not to the exclusion of lots of other reasons.

So, let's kind of settle down on the breathless borings updates.

202_cyclist says: (2/23/17 1:47 PM)
But several posts about Shake Shack signs are okay?

JD says: (2/23/17 1:51 PM)
Hmmm, let me see, which has more impact on and interest of the populace at large: soil borings, or the impending opening of Shake Shack?

You are as always free to frequent other locales should the content here cease to meet your standards.

Alex B. says: (2/23/17 2:50 PM)
Boring is boring.

snakegriffin says: (2/23/17 6:18 PM)
Per the Cap Riverfront BID newsletter, Chloe restaurant coming to Arris. Doesn't say exactly where, but I think the only spot big enough for a 32-seat patio would be the Water Street side, no?

BLT says: (2/23/17 6:19 PM)
So is 2 Eye officially under construction since they have started pile-driving? I thought this project was still off in the distance.

RMP says: (2/24/17 9:20 AM)
@snakegriffin I don't think the sidewalk on Water Street is wide enough to support outdoor seating? For comparison, Philz has about 24 seats outside if I counted correctly.

snakegriffin says: (2/24/17 9:49 AM)
Ah, yeah I forgot Steadfast Supply wasn't a permanent thing. That makes much more sense.

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